Vicarious Visions Simon Ebejer on Blizzard Merger

New head of Vicarious Visions Simon Ebejer has replaced Jennifer Oneal (new EVP of development at Blizzard Entertainment). Simon Ebejer talked with The Daily Gazette about the recent merger.

Here are some snippets that come to attention from the article:

  • Vicarious Visions has collaborated with Blizzard for a “decent amount of time.”
  • We’re going to be working on some incredible stuff as a part of Blizzard.
  • Ebejer said he can’t yet discuss the titles they are working on–
  • “I can’t obviously get into any specifics but it does mean a lot to see the passion of the community, and the way that both VV fans and Blizzard fans are getting excited about the possibilities that we have ahead of us.”

Second Behavior

Back in June 2020, RandomMan00 shared in Reddit a special behavior in the URL. In the past, the address resolved into a “Server Not Found” error. Then, the URL resolved into Error 403, which according to the Amazon AWS support site means the page is behind the AWS Firewall, blocking access to public view.

You don’t block it behind a Firewall for nothing. Only if you are working on content.

Theorycrafting: Diablo Immortal PvP Ideas

Recently, during the Diablo Immortal AMA held over at Reddit, a developer shutdown the thought that we might see Diablo Immortal eSports.

sVr: Will PvP have a reward system? (RedDragonFlayer)

Caleb Arseneaux (Lead Producer): We have more plans for PVP that we can’t talk about just yet. But I hope you guys have been able to check out the Bilefen Zone Trial. One thing I can say now is that none of our PVP plans are going to move the game towards an eSport. What we want is a fun place that players of all types can gather and have a good time killing each other.

Purify the Corruption | Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal features an activity known as Events. Each zone has one unique Event that appears onscreen in the quest tracker (below your character portrait) as an Event Objective.

In the Dark Wood zone, the Event is titled Purify the Corruption. You must kill monsters in Dark Wood until the progress bar reaches 100%. Click the title of the video to launch full screen.

Kulle’s Secret Chamber | Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha

Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha features an activity known as Events. Each zone has one unique Event that appears onscreen in the quest tracker (below your character portrait) as an Event Objective.

In the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, the Event is titled Kulle’s Secret Chamber. Think of it as a scavenger hunt that ends with access to a Treasure Chest room.

You may read how it works after the break.

BlizzConline Hype: Diablo Schedule Reveal in January

Corey, who often sends news tips my way posted a message in the official Diablo III forums to get the community to talk about potential BlizzConline panels and topics to be revealed.

Avalon: “Did Blizzard ever say if they were going to post a schedule prior to the event?

Community Manager Hooley chimed in to say:

Hooley: Hey Avalon, this is a great question. Presently, we don’t have anything to share. However, over the next couple weeks the BlizzCon Website will be updated with a schedule guide of the virtual event. So, very soon you’ll be informed about what times you need to know for tuning in to get your Diablo fix.

When the time comes, I’ll share that schedule here on the community forums.

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