Diablo Immortal Job: Senior UX Designer

Blizzard Careers had removed the DIABLO IMMORTAL jobs category and most of the Diablo Immortal job openings a few months ago, except for the Senior Product Manager postion that was listed under the MOBILE category.

Today, the DIABLO IMMORTAL jobs category appeared out of the blue again. There is a Senior UX Designer job opening posted there without text — which means it might be work in progress.

I’ll updated as soon as anything changes either way. Follow @blizzplanetcom for updates.

Note: To understand what a User Experience Designer does, I usually refer people who ask me what that is to this article written by an EA DICE Senior UX designer.

IGN Summer of Gaming Schedule Revealed – Diablo II: Resurrected?

A few days ago, IGN revealed that Blizzard Entertainment is confirmed as a participant of their IGN Summer of Gaming.

(UPDATE: This thread is updated often as the schedule changes. Latest updates are at the bottom of this page.)

Today, IGN has revealed the IGN Summer of Gaming schedule. A little caveat, though. Blizzard Entertainment is nowhere to be seen in this schedule other than an interview with an ex-Blizzard developer who is promoting a video game.

That is definitely not “Blizzard Entertainment.”

So… where is Blizzard Entertainment then?

Ohhhh….. it is not where Blizzard Entertainment is in the schedule. It is what the schedule is not showing that features Blizzard Entertainment out of sight.


Unannounced Classic Revival (Exclusive Game Reveal). Could this be Blizzard Entertainment? And if it is… is that… (drools)… Diablo II: Resurrected?

I read through all three images of the schedule again in case I missed anything.

Diablo II: Resurrected Rumor under the microscope

Investigating whether Diablo II: Resurrected is a truthful rumor or leak isn’t an easy task unless you had inside info from someone near the project.

However, there are breadcrumbs on the road (so to speak). The questions is if the breadcrumbs trace back at Diablo II: Resurrected, or just coincidence that you, or I, or we in our quest to make it true see it the way we want to.

Well, in order to find out — let’s look at the breadcrumbs and determine what is what on our own.

First Sign Diablo Immortal Beta is Nigh

The search for signs of Diablo Immortal Beta and failing miserably is over. The new Diablo Community Development Lead Adam Fletcher is taking the bull by the horns in his new role and tweeted fans using no hashtags — which means it was meant for a “small” crowd of 22.6K followers: “Who are some of your favorite mobile content creators and why?

Diablo 4 Might Be Closer to Testing than Anticipated

A gamer with 20-years of IT experience, poundcake_64, posted in Reddit a few hours ago something that fans might find interesting concerning Diablo 4 CDN data.

I’ve worked in IT for 20 years and have worked in data centers, networks and systems, and with developers and product managers. I am very familiar with dev ops and typical development processes and product life cycles. Having this experience, I am seeing certain patterns across Blizzard’s Diablo builds on the CDN I’d like to share with you. While I have not gained access to the underlying files to datamine I was able to ascertain quite a bit of information.

To prove my point, Blizzard are currently performing Diablo 4 RGB product integration testing with Corsair using their CUE SDK. Blizzard are also deploying a very modern version of Vivox SDK which is a voice and chat commonly used for video games, most notably this was used in Overwatch. If Blizzard was years upon years away from having a 1.0 version of the product would they being participating in RGB lightning kit and 3rd party SDKs tests?

Diablo III PTR 2.6.9 Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment will launch the Diablo III PTR 2.6.9 on May 21, 2020. The PTR will have 2 buffs: increased legendary drop rate and double blood shards — to faciliate testing. PTR will be up for a few days. Thanks, Corey.

  • The new season gives players Trials of Tempests. Every two minutes, the player’s character unleashes mayhem upon the screen with a random elemental power (out of 5 available).
  • The Demon Hunter and Necromancer have a new Set.
  • Necromancer and Witch Doctor skill changes.
  • Some items have been modified: Stone of Jordan, Reaper’s Wraps, Mantle of Channeling, and Convention of Elements.

IGN Summer of Gaming: Blizzard joins June Showcase

IGN announced recently that Blizzard Entertainment has joined the IGN Summer of Gaming line-up to be scheduled soon for June 2020.

The importance of this happening is two-fold. This event is more-or-less replacing what E3 2020 would have been now that the event got cancelled due to the pandemic; and June 29 is the 20th anniversary of Diablo II.

Update 5/11/20: IGN is proud to announce that Ubisoft, Blizzard, and more are the latest additions to the Summer of Gaming line-up. We’re also happy to say that Blizzard will be making an appearance during the month, too.” — source

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