D2R Non-Ladder gets all former Ladder-only Content

Terrific news for old-school Diablo II players. Diablo II: Resurrected is bringing all the ladder-only content to non-ladder players. Season 1 Ladder will be available at some point after launch, not because of what people speculates, but to monitor and improve server performance in the first weeks before introducing ladder, to make sure everyone’s experience is the best.

Here is a quote from Hooley on Diablo II: Resurrected ladder and non-ladder plans.

Diablo II: Resurrected Early Access ACT 1 Gameplay videos

I have played Diablo II: Resurrected Early Access for approximately a combined 15+ hours; but keep in mind these videos are recorded from the point of view of a non-savvy player. So don’t expect guides, tutorials or such.

It is great to be able to toggle between the remastered version and the legacy version to see how things looked like originally versus fully 3D rendered models. You can toggle this by pressing the G key.

You can also zoom in to see your character, NPCs and monsters in details by pressing the F key.

Something I did not expect to see in Diablo II: Resurrected is that water on the ground actually reflects your character’s mirror image. I do not have a RTX video card. My video card is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (originally released in January 22, 2015). Therefore, it caught me by surprise to zoom in and see my Druid character’s reflection on the water.

Speculation: Diablo IV in 2022 or Q1 2023?

Rhykker recently posted a video with some interesting interpretations from the Activision Blizzard Q2 2021 investors call.

Daniel Alegre started his operational highlights across business units with a shocking revelation (read full transcript):

The launch of Burning Crusade Classic in June marked the start or what is intended to be a very significant 18 month period for content releases. MAUs was 26 million.

Well, what does this really mean? (Read after the break)

Microsoft Allegedly leaks Diablo II: Resurrected Beta (August 17)

Redditor crimson4649 shared with other community members that Microsoft allegedly leaked the Diablo II: Resurrected Beta will start on Tuesday, August 17.

Microsoft seems to have updated the page, removing the date. If this actually happened, this might mean that Blizzard Entertainment might announce Beta next week via a developer blog. Possibly by Thursday, August 12. This is just speculation at this point as there is no WayBackMachine or Google Cached page to confirm this redditor’s word.

Diablo Immortal Delayed to First Half 2022

During the Activision Blizzard Q2 2021 Investors Call, Diablo Immortal has been delayed to the first half of 2022. Twenty minutes before the event, Diablo community manager PezRadar shared with us at the discord channel a link to a developer blog detailing what the team is doing to improve the game based on the closed alpha testers’ feedback.

Chinajoy 2021: Blizzard in Attendance

I have not found any Diablo Immortal announcements or reveals, but my radar just detected Blizzard Entertainment is participating in a unknown capacity at Chinajoy 2021. As you might have heard a few hours ago, the Diablo Immortal closed alpha test in China is coming to an end in August 2.

Chinajoy 2021 is taking place through July 30 – August 2. Why is Chinajoy of any relevance?

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