Chris Metzen and Flint Dille joined forces to write a 12-issue mini-series — 8-page each — titled Transformers: Autocracy published by IDW Publishing, Inc. every two weeks online-only via your browser, iPad and iPhone.

I’m nigh age 40. Back in the 80s, I watched a lot of TV series and cartoons. Transformers was among my favorite, and didn’t miss a chapter. Optimus Prime was one of my favorites.

Many of you might have been among the geeks like me who watched the TV series. Some might have read the IDW comic books. If you are looking forward to read the Transformers: Autocracy, and wish to learn more about the plot, characters and whatnot, submit a question below at the comments section.

Blizzplanet will interview Chris Metzen very soon to discuss details of Transformers: Autocracy. I’ll pick five random fans to giveaway an online access to Transformers: Autocracy # 1 or #2. Once I contact the winners, you have the choice of which issue you wish (in case you already read #1).

Those who wish to read Transformers: Autocracy # 1 can read it via Firefox/IE9 here.

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