Recently, during the Diablo Immortal AMA held over at Reddit, a developer shutdown the thought that we might see Diablo Immortal eSports.

sVr: Will PvP have a reward system? (RedDragonFlayer)

Caleb Arseneaux (Lead Producer): We have more plans for PVP that we can’t talk about just yet. But I hope you guys have been able to check out the Bilefen Zone Trial. One thing I can say now is that none of our PVP plans are going to move the game towards an eSport. What we want is a fun place that players of all types can gather and have a good time killing each other.

Theorycrafting: Diablo Immortal PvP Ideas

I know what many of you might say about Diablo Immortal PvP. How unfair it would be for a Wizard level 60 with 180 Paragon to win against a Barbarian level 60 with 120 Paragon, and ohh the QQs of having far better gear than anyone else.

What if I told you that the Diablo team already has the means to make a successful and fair system experience in Diablo III which can easily be repurposed into Diablo Immortal as a PvP system?

Very simple. Challenge Rifts.

In Diablo III’s Challenge Rifts, the developers give you a preset class with a preset gear and preset Kanai Cube and rune arrangement. In this case, the goal is to beat the Greater Rift as fast as you can, then those who completed the Challenge Rifts in the least amount of time are lined up in the Leaderboards.

The Diablo Immortal team can learn from this, and repurpose the concept for PvP.

In this case, all Barbarians have the same stats template. All the Monks have the same stats template. All the Demon Hunters have the same stats template. Wizards, Crusaders, Necromancers, etc.

Each of those stats can be updated with Balance patches.

When players enter a PvP zone or PvP Battleground… their PvE gear stats and paragons are switched off. The preset PvP template (as seen in Diablo III Challenge Rifts) loads.

This way all Wizards that cast Frost Bolt do the same amount of damage with the same crit chance and crit rate as the next.

PvP then becomes a matter of skill. How well you are with the class.

No advantages of one Wizard doing more damage than the other due to better gear, or more Paragon points.

In such a fashion, Diablo Immortal PvP could naturally become an eSports, with countless players participating in PvP zone matches, arenas, and battlegrounds.

Once the players move out of the PvP area, their PvE gear, paragon, runes, etc. switches back on; and you can go your merry way back to daily quests, dungeons, Elder Rifts, or whatnot.

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