Blizzplanet correspondent Ben Lehman was invited by Blizzard Entertainment to attend the PAX West 2018 Diablo III Nintendo Switch press-only presentation and Q&A.


Here are the answers for the questions that Ben was able to paraphrase from Publishing Director Josh Kerwin of Blizzard Entertainment.**

What inspired the Diablo III team to port the game to the Nintendo Switch?

Josh: The Switch was the next step since they already have versions on the PS4 and XBox.

What is the max resolution of Diablo III in the Nintendo Switch? And, Is the resolution dynamic or static for both the Nintendo Switch docked and handheld modes?

Josh: In handheld mode 720p and in docked mode 900p resolution.

Is there any difference made between monster density compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions?

Josh: No difference in monster density.

Concerning that reply, Ben said: “I also didn’t see any difference on the amount of the handheld I played with.”


Did you have to make any sacrifices or compromises due to any Nintendo Switch hardware or software limitations, compared to the other two consoles?

Blizzard didn’t have to make any sacrifices or compromises. They were able to port the experience 1 for 1 to the Switch. One player using two joycons has full range of all capabilities, although, with 2 players each on a joycon, using one Nintendo Switch between them, there are some compromises with dodging since there is not a right stick.


What are your plans in terms of future content updates? Will they be parallel and simultaneous with the PC and/or Console versions?

Josh: All Switch plans are to be done in parallel with the PC and Console versions. New content on PC means new content on the Switch at the same time.

Will PC players be able to play with Nintendo Switch players, or are they a self-contained community exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Online platform?

Josh: Unfortunately for now, Nintendo Switch players are self-contained in their own community. Blizzard would like to extend that with enough support from players and the console companies.

This question is aimed at people who haven’t purchased a Nintendo Switch yet, but might be informative to those who have. The Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch includes the base game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Let’s say in the future you launch a new expansion or new class or content DLC for the Diablo III PC, how will new Nintendo Switch players get to play that new content?

Josh: If/when new content is released, Blizzard is looking to make sure you can get that online through the Nintendo Store.

Are there features of the Diablo III Nintendo Switch that had to be tweaked or made from scratch compared to the PS4 and XBox One versions?

Josh: Everything that the PS4 and Xbox have, the Switch is able to do, save the 2 players on one Switch with their own joycons.

Rift Challenges are very peculiar in that Blizzard provides a pre-made hero and build template, and you have a set time to beat the challenge, and you get a reward. The console community is used to multiplayer games where you fight against each other. Street Fighter and so on. The PC community has also been waiting a long time for Diablo III PvP. Any plans on that front, or can you concoct a controlled environment of PvP using your hero and build templates.

Josh: Currently no plans for a controlled PVP environment, but they are very open to the idea if players truly want this.

In terms of community communication, can the Nintendo Switch players see their PC Friends List to communicate. Otherwise, are you looking into how to build such feature?

Josh: Nintendo players can only talk with other Nintendo players at the moment.

As a developer, and a player yourself, what are the greatest feelings you have had playing Diablo III in the Nintendo Switch versus your experience playing in PC or other consoles? Especially, the on-the-go portable feature. Come on. Pour it all out.

Josh: Blizzard is excited about being able to bring back couch coop on top of online play. Being able to connect 4 Switches together for 4 players or even 2 switches with 2 players each is something they are proud of, especially in examples of long car rides or flights.

Will PC players be able to get the unique Nintendo Switch cosmetics at some point in the near future, or at least those who ordered both PC and Nintendo Switch versions?

Switch users can expect Nintendo cosmetics, but there wasn’t any definitive reciprocity for PC users.

**Video recording was not allowed. Audio recording for transcript purposes came up with a lot of gameplay audio and music from all the nearby Switches. Paraphrasing by Ben comes mostly from memory.

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