Blizzard Entertainment posted a 7-page digital comic (by Valerie Watrous) based on the female Necromancer. The first page with the child necromancer holding eggs reminds me of one of the events in Act II in the Shrouded Moors. One peculiar thing in the digital comic is the Necromancer lives in some ancient temple beneath the ground. The doorway into this stronghold is at the roots of a big tree.

Not long ago (in May 3), during the Necromancer Q&A, Julian Love mentioned the white hair of the necromancer would be explained by some other media. This digital comic didn’t particularly answer this which suggest there might be a male necromancer digital comic, or a continuation of the female necromancer, or some yet a different media. Hopefully, we get to see a graphic novel at some point, or a novel.

If you missed the Q&A livestream, follow the link above for the video. I also transcribed the entire thing.