Diablo Immortal closed alpha begins today in China. There is no way for people outside of China to play this test, so please don’t install anything from people who claims otherwise. VPN and emulation won’t work because it is invite only for those who pre-registered locally in China.

Diablo Immortal is not optimized or supported in emulators until launch or until further notice by Blizzard Entertainment.

For those who live in China and pre-registered, you will get an email from NetEase with a code to redeem access to Diablo Immortal closed alpha.


Install the TestFlight app from the Apple App Store.

If you have access to your email from your iOS Device, click the link in your invitation email to download the Diablo Immortal app; or copy/paste the invitation code within the TestFlight app to install Diablo Immortal.

After the installation is complete, click “Diablo: Immortal” to enter the game.

Log in with the mobile phone or NetEase pass that you registered when you pre-registered to start the dark journey.

The Diablo Immortal app installation is about 3.4GB file size. Your device must have at least 8GB of free space.


Q: When will this “Android & Apple dual platform” pioneer test start?

A: The test time is 10:00 on July 15, 2021. The game will be open all day during the test period.

Q: Is there a fee for this “Android & Apple Dual Platform” Pioneer Test? Do you want to delete files?

A: This test is a limited, no charge, and file deletion test.

Q: How do I obtain the qualification for the “Android & Apple Dual Platform” Pioneer Test? how to download?

A: How to participate in Android users?

  1. You can get the first test qualification by participating in official activities or filling in the questionnaire for applying for the first test qualification.
  2. Qualified players will receive an official push message, which contains the activation code and the Android download package body.
  3. After downloading the package body, start the game. After entering the game, the player needs to log in with the mobile phone number filled in when participating in the activity. Otherwise, when you click to select the server, you will be intercepted and prompted that it is not an invited user.

4. After passing the account verification, you need to fill in the activation code to complete the login. The activation code can only be used for the package body downloaded on the official SMS, and the activation code cannot be used for other channel packages and accounts. The activation code is only for the use of the winner, and any form of transfer or sale is prohibited.

How can Apple users participate?

Apple users will gain access via giveaways or after pre-registering at the official website. If you are eligible for the test, you will receive an email from the TestFlight platform before July 15th, download TestFlight in the App Store, and redeem the download game with the activation code in the email to participate in the test.

Q: Which model is compatible with this test?

A: Reference model for this test:

Apple: iPhone 8 and above; or iPad Pro 2 and above / iPad mini 2019.

Android: Recommended processors to participate in this test with models of Snapdragon 7 series 710 and above / Snapdragon 8 series 835 and above /Kirin 810 and above.

Reference model: vivo NEX Standard Edition/OPPO R17 Pro/Mi CC 9/Redmi K20/Samsung S8/OnePlus 5/Meizu 16th/Huawei P20

Q: How to submit bugs and feedback?

A: In the “Settings” on the main interface of the game, click the “Customer Service” button to send feedback.

Q: How can I get more information related to the test?

A: Go to the official website: https://di.blizzard.cn/

Follow “Diablo Immortal” on Weibo and WeChat to get more information about the test.


This test is a technical test of “Diablo Immortal” and does not represent the final game quality. During the experience, there may be abnormal situations such as server failures and program bugs. Please understand. After the test is over, we will continue to optimize the gameplay design and improve the quality of the game based on the suggestions and feedback from the test players. We look forward to bringing you a better game experience when we meet next time.

This test qualification is for personal use only, and any form of transfer or sale is prohibited.

Sources: FAQ and TestFlight Installation


This Diablo Immortal technical alpha in China doesn’t include the Necromancer. They will test the same content we tested in the closed alpha, including the Shadows/Immortal PvP content. However, there is a text in the blog posted today that says there is still more content to appear in upcoming tests.

Battle of Exile is currently still under development, and other related gameplay and detailed introductions will be introduced in detail in subsequent tests.

source: Di.blizzard.cn

This chinese version has been translated to chinese, but the voice overs are still in English. Work in progress.

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