Blizzard Entertainment has extended a press invite to Blizzplanet to attend the press event to be held at GamesCom on Wednesday, August 21. Arthur Lorenz (Handclaw) will record video of the panel to share with fans what happened there. Our most appreciative thanks to Blizzard’s US and Europe teams.

Diablo III (PS3) Interview

Blizzplanet has scheduled an interview with the Diablo III Team at GamesCom. Please, submit your questions about the Diablo III PlayStation 3. I recommend to watch the Penny Arcade | PvP Online video. The guys played Diablo III (PS3) from their couch for two hours — allowing fans to see a lot of the UI and game systems.

After watching that video you can submit any questions you may have to forward it through our scheduled GamesCom interview. Any news coming out on Wednesday, August 21 and 22 — feel free to submit questions those two days too based on the new GamesCom info.

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Special thanks to old-buddie Handclaw who is conducting the interview for Blizzplanet. I’m currently ironing out with Handclaw and third-party contacts to take video of the Blizzard press event panel. So please, stay tuned for any updates.