It seems the Diablo Immortal internal company playtest hasn’t ended as previously rumored.

The Diablo Immortal Google Play page was last updated on August 24 and August 26.

Today, September 14th, another Google Play update was published — or in better terms: a new patch.

If you check the Google Play page there is nothing new. That is because only those with their email address flagged have access to the game (aka Blizzard employees worldwide) can play the game.

Recently, the Diablo community manager FilthieRich posted the following:

That “we have a few things baking right now” sounds like something is coming out of the oven soon™. And I am so hungry.

UPDATE (September 15): At the same time the Google Play page was updated, the (Tap Tap) Diablo Immortal page was also updated. This simply means that the Android client has been updated for those in the Blizzard and NetEase employees to continue playtesting.

The page says Sept 15 due to time zones. Shanghai (China) is 12 hours ahead of New York and 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles.

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