The last time the Diablo Immortal page in Google Play had been updated was October 30, 2018 in preparation for BlizzCon 2018 (2 days later).

At the r/DiabloImmortal Discord channel, Gayardos alerted that the page now says it was last updated on August 24, 2020 — yesterday.

UPDATE: Two days after I posted this article, a new update was pushed to the Diablo Immortal page in Google Play.

I can’t see anything new in the page other than that. What does it mean? Why now? Not sure.

Is it related to gamescom which starts on August 27? Only 2 days to find out if this means something, I guess.

It might be possible that only Blizzard employees can see something different in the Google Play page. I assume the page has a permissions system to flag specific email addresses.

(Update: Gayardos speculated Blizzard might have submitted an update. Google Play needs to approve.)

I am unsure if the Permissions were there before, but for future reference I will post them here.

Update: Today, at 9:30pm, SnowTyrant — who I recently said might be the NetEase forum super admin — wrote in the /r/diabloimmortal discord channel that the Diablo Immortal Internal Company Playtest has ended.

If that is true, today’s Google Play update might be Blizzard submitting approval for some new content (such as images or video, or other visual content)… or preparing for regional testing. My guess is as good as yours.

The fact the Google Play build has been updated twice within 2 days — makes me think:

  • Internal Company Test isn’t finished; or
  • A second phase test kicked in.
  • Family and Friends?
  • Or Internal Company Test never ended.

I am ruling out Regional Testing because logic dictates the developers will spend some weeks implementing changes to the game based on the internal company playtest’s feedback. But we will see if the devs surprise us soon enough.

Either way, I will continue to monitor any progress or leaks in US and China. I check Google Play and the App Store daily, too. Follow @blizzplanetcom for updates.

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