A few days ago (March 6), Joe Shely, Rod Fergusson, Adam Fletcher and Daniela Rodriguez joined a Twitter Space to answer questions during the Diablo IV Open Beta Live Q&A — which you can listen at here.

This is a brief recap of the Q&A:

  • The Diablo IV in-game rewards only count on characters created in the Open Beta which are level up to Level 25. It seems it won’t work if you create a Early Access character. Important tip.
  • Diablo IV Crossplay and Cross-progression – A PS5 player can coop with a PC player and an Xbox player. You can later login to your PC and continue where you left off with the PS5, and continue to play.
  • Diablo IV Beta will be localized in 13 languages. Because it is a pre-release game, some localization might be incomplete in the upcoming Beta. In short, work in progress.
  • Beta’s Customized Characters can’t be saved nor carry over to the D4 Launch. If you like the appearance of your Beta character, take screenshots to manually remake the apperance when the game launches in June 6.
  • Joe Shely will play a Druid during Beta, because it was the least class he played during development, and playing a Druid is cool. After a while, the Druid reverts back from Bear form, but you may continue in that form for as long as you use Bear abilities. Rod will play a Necromancer and a Rogue.
  • Daniela will play a Druid Werewolf and Adam Fletcher will play a Druid and a secondary character: Rogue.
  • The French Cathedral Mural doesn’t show any spoilers.
  • D4 crafting is designed around item modification, and become more relevant later toward the end-game. Upgrade the power of your items at the Blacksmith.
  • Console controllers offer target lock. You can move to another target. It smartly switches target after one dies.
  • In the case of ranged AOE, Console controllers will try to lock meteor on top of large groups as best as possible.
  • As you wander the world, you will encounter players who are close to your latency range for the best gameplay experience. However, you can invite international friends (USA/EU/Asia, etc.) to party-up.
  • Beta only allows to play in Fractured Peaks, but at Launch, Druid players will find 4 animal spirits in Túr Dúlra (Scosglen). Each animal spirit provides a boon. You can have one boon active at a time, but you can switch any time between boons. Eventually, you unlock a 5th animal spirit boon.
  • You can livestream the Diablo 4 Early Access Beta and the Open Beta.
  • Joe Shely on Druid correction: When you get all the 4 animal spirits unlocked, you can have one boon from each spirit; and two boons from one of them — for a total of 5 boons. Note: that correction felt a bit confusing, but we’ll have to wait until launch and see how that works out.