Optional Dungeons always spawn in every Diablo II: Resurrected game in the same zone, but they spawn in random-generated locations that you must explore.

Usually these dungeons have 2-3 Levels down, and at the end there is a purple-glowing treasure chest that has a chance to drop unique items and even Runes.

Below is a list of Optional Dungeons. Follow the links to a YouTube video. The video descriptions have a list of Mobs, Unique Rare Elites, all white/gray/blue items that dropped in the video (with timecode to jump there); and which runes and gems dropped in that dungeon (if any).

Optional Dungeons

These videos were recorded in Hell difficulty.


  • The Cave (Cold Plains) — lightning/fire immune
  • The Hole (Black Marsh) — cold/fire immune
  • The Pit (Tamoe Highlands) — cold/lightning/fire immune


  • Stony Tomb (Rocky Waste) — lightning/poison immune
  • Ancient Tunnels (Lost City) — lightning/poison/physical immune || SHAEL Rune


  • Arachnid Lair (Spider Forest) — fire/poison immune || HEL rune
  • Swampy Pit (Flayer Jungle) — lightning/poison/fire immune || ORT rune

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