The Diablo Immortal closed alpha (China) test will come to an end on August 2, 2021. According to SnowTyrant, the test was meant to last 15 days, but it was extended.

Source: NetEase forums

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Dear Adventurers,

Thank you for participating in the Diablo Immortal closed alpha test. The test server will be closed at 12am on August 2. After the server is closed, all adventurers won’t be able to log in into the game. At the same time, the test data will be deleted, and the test data won’t carry over to the next test. This test received a lot of feedback and suggestions from Adventurers. We will analyze and optimize them to bring you a better gaming experience. Diablo Immortal is still in the ongoing development stage. Please, pay attention to our official platforms for future details and news updates about testing. We look forward to the next test with our Adventurers.

Diablo Immortal Team

This test ending coincides with the upcoming Activision Blizzard Investors conference call scheduled for August 3 at 1:30pm PST (3:30pm EST) — where we might hear about the chinese test and hopefully a rough timeframe or at least an acknowledgement of the upcoming Diablo Immortal Closed Beta and/or Open Beta. This is, of course, not guaranteed to be mentioned in the investors call or during its Q&A — but this date is the closest we have to an official company statement on the matter.

Usually, blogposts come up shortly after an investors call as well. So I will keep an eye on official channels to bring you the updates. Follow @blizzplanetcom in Twitter for alerts.

Thanks to Juns who shared it at the Diablo Immortal Reddit Discord channel and Drazzlibkun (SnowTyrant) who confirmed this news. The discord channel link will only work if you click this invitation link and login to Discord (web browser)

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