Two Activision Conference Calls ago we have heard of a Diablo Immortal regional test on track for mid-2020.

PezRadar answered a question in his Twitter account, confirming Alpha testing. He won’t say when, but mid-2020 window is closing fast.

You can’t say mid-2020 beyond August 15th — which is the farthest away day between the Q2 and Q3 of the year (aka another way to read: mid-2020).

I think we can definitely say that Diablo Immortal won’t go Live in 2020. Not enough time left for Alpha and Beta testing. So we should visualize a 2021 release. When the game is ready.

Unofficially, we should keep an eye on three upcoming events merely because these present possible targets to announce a date range for Alpha/Beta testing for maximum PR propagation:

  • ChinaJoy 2020 – July 29 – Aug 3 (Blizzard is confirmed to have a booth)
  • Activision Blizzard Q2 2020 conference call — happening on August 4 at 1:30pm (Pacific Time).
  • GamesCom 2020 – Activision Blizzard was confirmed to be a participant of the Online-only event.

UPDATE (JULY 21/6:50pm ET)

Diablo community manager Rich Bantegui tweeted his followers (without a hashtag): “Send me some recommendations on your favorite Diablo content creators!!”

This could mean anything, but if the Diablo Immortal Alpha was in the horizon, and you were the new community manager, it feels like the next thing to do to expand your list of content creators in advance.

Back in May 19, Pezradar asked the same question.

On July 21, Rich Bantegui followed suit now asking for content creators (not mobile). Thanks, Corey.

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