We have heard this one several times the past couple of years, but as the spanish saying goes … “if the river makes sounds, rocks it’s filled with” — an understatement — meaning in this case, if the teasing keeps going it’s because some true there’s behind it.

Jay Wilson has said in a past interview with CVG (August 2010) the team has been discussing the possibility of Diablo III heading to Xbox 360 / PS3, and statements confirming of all Blizzard games, the most likely and easier to port because of its UI is Diablo III, but they weren’t pursuing it or decided upon it yet.

We have seen the Diablo III on Console job openings, and some answers on the Battle.net forums to fuel the expectations. Rumors, hints and teases usually get debunked and die off after a while, but sometimes the rumors, the hints and the teases just keep coming and coming. Mike Morhaime brought up the subject again during an interview with MCV posted partially today. MCV will publish the entire interview next week.

“We are looking for a couple of console developers, yes. At this stage though, it’s basically an investigation to see if it makes sense for Diablo to be a console game as well as a PC game. We haven’t made any decisions yet, but a lot us feel that if ever there was a Blizzard franchise that could play well as a console game, then that’s probably it.” — said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainment CEO/President.

Source: MCV — via CVG