I had seen this on the front page of Diablofans, but I didn’t watch the video until Eldorian PM me the youtube link this morning. This is some serious business costume. I couldn’t believe my eyes until I read Joshua’s bios.

Joshua James Smith has been enjoying & creating art his entire life. In 2005 he earned an art scholarship for The Art Institute in Dallas, TX and received his certificate in fashion design & robotics. In 2007 he attended Vatterot College in Tulsa, OK for his Associates in 3D animation, gaming & web design. He continued his ventures by attending Rogers State University in Claremore, Ok and received his Bachelor Major in Studio Arts and minor in business in 2011. He now uses his education and knowledge in order to create original & fantastic works of art straight from his unique imagination as well as the ability to bring others ideas to life. Visit his website to see his items for sale or send in your ideas to be customized.

Joshua Smith (Monstercreators), built an amazing Diablo costume which includes the head and upper torso. If you are planning to sign up for the BlizzCon Costume Contest next year, I gotta warn you, Joshua plans to sign up and attend. You will have some serious business competition.

Maybe he’d be willing to build your costume for a brib– err handful of gold?

Diablo 3 Diablo Costume
Built by Joshua Smith

The entire upper half of the costume’s body was constructed, assembled, and painted in the time frame of 8 days, each day working approximately 4 hours. About $145 has went into the materials, all of them being purchased from Walmart except for the black gloves (marching gloves) that were bought from a local music store.

I do intend on going to BlizzCon this coming year. Hope to see you guys there!

Glue Sticks (2 Small Stick Packs, 3 Large Sticks Packs)
Aluminum Foil (37 ft Heavy Duty)
Poster Board (10 Sheets)
Craft Foam (4 Foam 12 Packs)
LED Lights (2 Batt. Operated Packs)
C Batteries (6 Pack and 4 Pack)
Paint (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow)
Clear Coat Spray (2 Cans)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Gloves (1 Pair)