Blizzard Entertainment posted a job opening for an Associate 3D Artist to join the Diablo III team.

The description and language used in key terms can be interpreted as something other than Seasons might be in development.

The Associate 3D artist might be working alongside other unknown developer studios — like for example: Vicarious Visions or Toys for Bob — or more directly as quoted: “smooth integration of outsourcing assets.”

Or are the assets outsourced straight from the Diablo IV team? This Diablo III job was posted under the same category as Diablo IV, instead of the Classic Team category — which upon itself is curious.

Diablo III is now part of the Classic Games Team, which means it won’t have a big group of developers. Just a small team. But outsourcing assets? Reporting to a producer?

If the Associate 3D Artist outsources assets from Diablo IV… can it be possible for Diablo III to have a new Class pack like the Rise of the Necromancer? Let’s say… the Druid pack, or Amazon pack, or the Assassin Pack? Maybe a new zone? We already got Ruins of Sescheron. Anything is possible.

Some time ago there was some content that Blizzard was working that got scrapped. Ruins of Sescheron was part of it, and Blizzard made it possible to release that content to players.

Or Occam’s Razor: The Associate 3D Artist is just for new Seasons. Case rested… err… tsk tsk tsk…

Then what do we make out of the recent job posting for a Senior Technical Artist, Characters?

“Help manage external vendors which includes monitoring quality, unblocking resources, and ensuring standards.”

The external vendors comes up again in the shape of “outsourced assets” I don’t know. I am starting to doubt Occam here, and go with there is something more going on here.

Thanks, Ivenend.

Associate 3D Artist

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a well-rounded 3D Artist for Diablo III. We are looking for an ambitious artist who is technically inclined and want to learn and expand on the current Art pipeline. This will be a challenging but rewarding role as you will be essential to developing a workflow that will allow for smooth integration of outsourcing assets.

You will be partnering with Design and Engineering on coming up with innovative ideas to keep the community engaged. The Diablo III team is a small, knowledgeable, and close-knit group of developers who are always looking to create epic Blizzard experiences. We look forward to finding the next adventurer to travel to Sanctuary with us.

COVID-19 Hiring Update: We’ve transitioned to a work-from-home model and we’re continuing to interview and hire during this time. This role is expected to begin as a remote position. We understand each person’s circumstances may be unique and will work with you to explore possible interim options.


  • Ability to create epic game assets including character sets, environment props, portrait frames and pet from modeling, to rigging and animation
  • Possess an incredible eye for proportion and design
  • Skilled at handcrafted pixel-painted textures, creating clean and efficient UVs, topology and displacement map extractions
  • Talent for multi-tasking and comfortable collaborating cross discipline with Design and Engineering
  • Maintain production deadlines and/or communicate any scheduling concerns with Producers
  • Self-sufficient to problem solve as well as excellent communication skills 
  • Confidence to filter and evaluate criticism and art direction on a professional level


  • Good understanding of the visual style of Diablo III
  • Knowledge of Python or Mel for tool development
  • Experience working with external vendors, creating visual references, managing art direction and quality of outsourced assets
  • General knowledge of componentized system and swappable gear
  • Familiar with version control software and game engine pipeline
  • Love of Diablo lore, and is up to date with the latest Diablo III seasons and content patches


  • Required – Expert in Maya 2010, Photoshop 
  • Optional/Pluses – Perforce, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer

Required Application Materials 

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Link to Reel, Website or Portfolio

Apply for this job opening here.

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