A new job opening that appeared in my notifications made me visit the Blizzard Careers page to search for Diablo Immortal jobs.

Last time I took a screenshot of the Diablo Immortal jobs page was August 29. I compared it against the present page, and noticed some of the jobs listed back in August are gone, and more job openings have been listed since then.


Take a look at the red text: GONE to see all the job openings removed from the Careers page. These are allegedly jobs filled, or expired/rescinded.


This is the Careers Page for Diablo Immortal job openings today with new job openings since August 29 (last time I took a screenshot).

The Senior Quest Designer job has an interesting language: Help drive the vision for new storylines, zones, and theming of game systems.

I know Diablo Immortal is currently in internal testing, but new zones at this point (this late in development) during internal testing feels like plans for a Diablo Immortal expansion; or at least post-launch end-game content updates.

Another one that caught my attention was the one that pop into my notifications: Senior Concept Artist… “Play weekly builds.” That somewhat feels consistent with how often the Diablo Immortal Google Play page has been updated since August 24, but also tells me some of these builds haven’t gone straight to internal testing — as it’s been two weeks without a new build since September 21.

The Narrative Designer job repeats once more “Create appropriate theming for major game systems.” This gets me a bit worried. It can be interpreted differently by different fans. I mean, this far in development you would think this was already ironed out and simply in testing and polishing mode.

Does Diablo Immortal still have a year+ of development before launch? Will Beta last several months or up to a year — rather than 1 month+ per region, like Call of Duty: Mobile did? I’m hoping for the former. Blizzard’s betas usually last between 4-6+ months.

Recently, I reported Blizzard Entertainment filed to trademark Diablo Immortal in USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and China simultaneously.

In that article, I postulated that Hearthstone went into Beta testing 1 month-9 days after the trademark filing. Call of Duty: Mobile went into beta 7 days after the trademark filing.

Let’s hope that Diablo Immortal follows that variable pattern, going into Beta within the next 1-6 weeks.

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