The Monk class is one of the fun ones to play in Diablo III beta. With the introduction of Runes in Patch 13 we get to experience some of the variations of certain spells up to level 13.

Players get their first rune unlocked at level 6. The Monk gets Bounding Light, a rune that may be applied to the Primary spell: Fists of Thunder.

At level 6, the Monk gets a primary skill rune named Bounding Light. It’s applied to the Fists of Thunder spell.

Bounding Light: Every third punch releases chain lightning instead of knocking enemies back. Each lightning strike inflicts 67% weapon damage as Lightning.

At level 7, a secondary skill named Dashing Strike gets a rune named the Way of the Falling Star. This rune is handy when you wish to strike at monsters that are spread out or run away. It also serves to escape and make distance when you are dying.

Way of the Falling Star: Increase your movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds after striking an enemy.

At level 8, a primary skill named Deadly Reach gets a rune named Piercing Trident. It’s a favorite of mine. It splits the Deadly Reach into three straight-line green-hued shockwaves which reach out doing an AOE in a cone range. The third strike does the most damage and reaches out further.

Piercing Trident: The second and third strikes have an increased area of effect.

At level 11, a defensive skill named Blinding Flash gets a rune named Self reflection. It increases the duration by four seconds. That’s extra handy in situations where you are surrounded by too many monsters.

Self Reflection: Increases the duration enemies are blinded by 4 seconds.

At level 13, Fists of Thunder (primary skill) gets a rune named Lightning Flash. At the third punch you will see a buff icon on the lower-left area above the spell bar. The rune grants a chance to dodge by 16% for 2 seconds.

Lightning Flash: Fists of Thunder increases your dodge chance by 16% for 2 seconds.

Sadly, there are only few options in beta only reaching level 13. However, the rune options for the monk can be read in the interface. Below you can view all the rune screenshots up to level 56.

Monk Runes Gallery