Blizzard Entertainment invited a few livestreamers to stream Diablo Immortal. Among them are Pamela Horton, the favorite couple: Bahjeera and Jen, and Kraxell.

Here are some screenshots I took from their gameplay showing the class abilities:


BlizzCon 2018 Diablo Immortal Gameplay Videos

Bahjeera & Jen

Bahjeera/Jen and Kraxell streamed for 1 hour, and both played each of the three classes available in the BlizzCon demo: Monk, Barbarian, and Wizard.


Pamela Horton

Pamela Horton played as all three classes; and at 1:25:57, she had the opportunity to interview Diablo Immortal senior game producer Caleb Arseneaux.

At 1:28:50 – Pamela asked about micro-transactions, Caleb responded: “One of the core values at Blizzard — actually, the first one– is gameplay first. So the first thing we are going to talk about and the first thing we are going to emphasize is quality gameplay.” Later at 1:48:06, he said: “We are not talking about that unfortunately, but it is something that we take very seriously at Blizzard, because we know the negative connotations that go with that question sometimes, and we are very sensitive to that. For Diablo Immortal, a lot of that stuff [business model] is being planned; and we are talking about gameplay today; but our gamers are at the very heart of what we do; and we care very much about how they react, and how they want to play our games. So rest assured that we are going to definitely consider in everything.”

As an MMO, the Diablo Immortal team will work on updating the game often: adding new classes, new zones, and new dungeons. Opinion: Basically, the way Blizzard releases World of Warcraft major content patches.

At 1:46:05 — when Pamela asked when will we hear more about Diablo Immortal, he responded: “We are going to digest a lot [of feedback] from this show, and then probably you are going to see something from us very soon about new information and new updates, and stuff like that.”

This makes me wonder if we will hear more via the website or if “very soon” means PAX East (Mar 28 – 31, 2019) or E3 (June 11 – 13, 2019). GamesCom seems kinda far away (August 21–24, 2019) for “very soon” to be literal. Diablo Immortal is possibly shipping in 2019, so there is not a long of time there to count as “very soon.”

Unless… Caleb meant… beta testing early 2019.

The press fact sheet says: “Diablo Immortal will rise from our forges soon, but pre-registration signups have already begun! You can sign up today for more news about Diablo Immortal, including information about the upcoming beta test.”

NOTE: If you can’t see the video by Pamela Horton below, open the page in Google Chrome.


The interview (standalone) is also on her YouTube channel.




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