Rhykker scored an interview with Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham. Originally, Rhykker thought he was interviewing Wyatt Cheng, and he had to scrap most of his pre-written questions to accommodate someone with the caliber in top-tier direction at Blizzard.

Allen Adham has spent the past two years working on the Incubation department working on multiple mobile video games in addition to Diablo Immortal.

One particular moment in the interview reveals that Blizzard has never had a unannounced games line-up portfolio as large as what they have now in development. Even more striking that most of those unannounced games are coming to PC and Consoles.

Other than Diablo III, what else does Blizzard has nowadays on Consoles? Nothing. Can you imagine a Warcraft or StarCraft game for consoles?

Here is the exact quote by Allen Adham that will make you scratch your forehead in deep thought:

Allen: We are working on many different things, across many different platforms, across all of our IPs. Mobile… it is the same for us going forward. In large part of the world, mobile devices are the primary– and in many cases their only gaming device. That is in addition to our desktop business. So when we think about PC and Console, we are still diehard PC and Console fans. This new mobile endeavour, they are in addition to our traditional business.

We aren’t abandoning that. We have many new things coming on PC and Consoles, including new IP development; and we imagine games using the IPs that people know about.


Shortly after this quote, Rhykker asked Allen to reassure the PC Diablo fans that they haven’t been forgotten. Allen said that Blizzard hasn’t forgotten the Diablo franchise’s PC and Console audience.

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