I have only read about three emails so far, and my inbox is kinda filling up quick. I’ll read all of them, and reply them back. I wanted to post this before I get to read all of them, as this is what I’m going to tell each.

I gotta think a way how to giveaway one or two extra beta keys in response to one or two lore questions that were either incorrect or technically invalidated.

For example: What’s the tribe of the Diablo III Witch Doctor? The answer in the official Diablo III website states: “Only a select few men and women among the umbaru tribes can ascend to the hallowed role of witch doctor.” Diablo III: Book of Cain page 142 also refers to the Umbaru tribes of the Teganze forest. Seems Umbaru is the race.

The answer for the lore chat was written in chat as “Umbaru”. Eldorian was asking the questions in the IRC chat, but I was who wrote the questions for him a few days ago. Technically, according to the website Umbaru is not a tribe. It states Umbaru tribes (in plural). This invalidates the question/response. The question should have been “What race is the Diablo III Witch Doctor?” — the answer would have been Umbaru as intended.

There was another question in this lore chat giveaway: “Where was Mephisto imprisoned by the Horadrim?” The answer to that question is intended to be a specific location. Some claim to have answered Kehjistan. That’s an entire region, not a specific place. For example, Baal was imprisoned at Tal Rasha’s Tomb in the Canyon of the Magi. Diablo was imprisoned in the depths of the Cathedral of Tristram in Tristram. Someone saying Mephisto was imprisoned in Kehjistan would be like saying Diablo was imprisoned in Khanduras. Tristram is but a small town in the massive region of Khanduras. I still need to double-check if the answer of that Mephisto question was accurate though. That’s why I’m making the announcement on Tuesday to have time to browse through the old Diablo manual.

I’m not in my best concentration. It’s a poor excuse. I have been nigh two weeks with issues in my inner-ear. I currently have a 80% hearing loss, feels like a drill going up there, and the specialist doctor who saw me didn’t provide any medicine at all. It feels like a torture, and ER personnel doesn’t know how to handle it. Bare with me. Mistakes happen when you are at your best. Mistakes happen when your health isn’t alright, too.

I have to look up to find out if it was a mistake. I’ll update when I make the announcement of one or two beta keys to giveaway to make up for [my] mistake. Check the front page for a new announcement on Tuesday, Feb 21.

I apologize.

Best wishes,