UPDATE: This giveaway is now ended. Thanks for participating. Winners were announced.

I wanted to post about this on Tuesday morning, but it turns out I have a medical appointment to resolve that inner-ear issue I talked about earlier.

I gave it a thought on how to make it up to the participants of our Diablo III Lore IRC Chat giveaway held on Sunday. Doing another beta key via IRC is definitely out of the question. We might do some local giveaways via IRC in the future, but never again when it comes to beta keys. I don’t wish to make another lore questions giveaway surrounding beta keys in the future either.

I think it’s too important for fans to get a beta key to go through such hurdles as not knowing how to use Mirc (IRC software), the browser IRC app crashing, not knowing lore to respond the questions, or simply me writing the wrong answers or the question itself written inaccurately.

I don’t want to give these two beta keys through the forums either, because there was tons of people already registering for the other giveaway, and some people just don’t like to register. The only way I could think of for this specific make-up giveaway is using the comments section below.

If you already have a google account, Gtalk account, yahoo account, facebook account or twitter account — you can use the login info securely using our comments system (Disqus). After posting, you will be prompted with a popup login system. Choose on the left the account type (google, yahoo, facebook, twitter) then login using the login info you usually enter in those sites. I recommend disabling addons if you find problems login.

1. All I ask you to do is to post a brief comment about Diablo III.
2. After posting a comment, you will notice on the bottom-left the time since you posted the comment (1 minute ago+). Click that and a popup says: Link to this comment. Copy that URL.
3. Email me that link at mdragon (@) blizzplanet (.) com and Type subject: D3 key snafu. Mention the username displayed in your post comment.

Paste that link to your email message. This is the only way we are able to contact the winners.

Note: Only one entry per person. If we find someone attempts to mass-participate with different accounts we reserve the right to disqualify the participant.

We will pick two winners randomly, and they will be emailed the beta keys. I won’t type any links in the email containing the beta keys. The beta keys are entered at your Battle.net account page when you click the ADD GAME button.

This giveaway will only last until Tuesday, February 21 at 11:59pm New York (EST).

Seems like a short and simple giveaway. Hopefully.