In Blizzard’s latest Developer Update Livestream, Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson, associate game director Joseph Piepiora, product management director Kegan Clark, and associate director of community Adam Fletcher covered how Diablo IV’s Seasons, optional Battle Pass, and The Shop will work. Check out what was covered below and view the full stream here.

You can now preload the Diablo IV Server Slam client. Requires 82GB of SSD space. You must be Level 20 in order to claim your Ashava reward by defeating Ashava. You won’t get the reward if you are below Level 20 and get carried. So don’t bother showing up and making it harder for players to defeat Ashava.


  • Post-launch content covers the player experience throughout new seasons, the Season Journey, Battle Pass rewards, new features, long-term maintenance, balancing the game, and updates.
  • Seasons in Diablo IV will arrive in the weeks following launch, starting with Season 1. Each season will include a new gameplay feature and questline that introduces new characters, challenges, legendary aspects, meta changes, and quality of life improvements.
  • Each season is supported by its own Season Journey. As players progress through the Season Journey, players can earn rewards and gain progress toward the Battle Pass, however, you cannot accelerate the Season Journey.
  • The Battle Pass is a way to earn rewards and contains both Free Tier and Premium Tier that can be unlocked by progressing in the game.
  • Free Tiers provide gameplay boosts unlocked by simply playing the game, allowing seasonal characters to level faster.
  • Premium Tiers are unlocked by purchasing the Premium Pass. With the Premium Pass, playing through the game will allow players to unlock Premium Currency for the Shop used to purchase seasonally themed cosmetics. Players will not be able to buy power with the Premium Tiers.
  • Building on top of the hundreds of armor and weapon styles players can unlock.