The Diablo 4 Lore team discusses the game’s story as an introduction to what to expect when you go through the campaign. It is been 50 years since the events of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls — where the population of Sanctuary was decimated in half by Malthael. Power vaccums have opened up and have been filled by new factions.

Sean Copeland confirms Tyrael died years ago prior to the intro to Diablo IV. Well, technically hinted at by saying: “Heroes of the past that we have known and loved have long faded into memory” at the same moment as a cinematic clip of Tyrael is shown.

The developers also made reference to events from Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy novel by mentioning that Inarius was punished for his crimes by handing him over to Mephisto as part of a pact of truce between the Angiris Council and the Prime Evils.

Diablo IV developers return in the latest Inside the Video series to discuss all things story. Game director Joe Shely, associate writer Eden Trujillo, senior manager of lore Sean Copeland, and principal writer Matt Burns sat down together to give players an exploration of how the story between Lilith and Inarius is the darkest ever told in a Diablo game.


  • The story of Diablo IV takes place 50 years after the events of Diablo III, presenting a new plane of Hell for both veteran wanderers and newcomers alike to slay demons in.
  • Players begin their journey as a wanderer in the Fractured Peaks zone, before being pulled into the monumental events that are shaking and shaping the world of Sanctuary. Rich character customization allows players to create whatever fantasy they want to as they progress through the story.
  • What remains of humanity is caught between this eternal battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, and the last of the secret order of scholars and mages known as the Horadrim aim to sway your mind against Lilith’s dark powers.
  • Meet the characters who inhabit Sanctuary with the familiar Horadrim, Lorath, a new Horadrim and scholar, Donan, the young adventurer, Neyrelle, and Prava, another new character who leads the Cathedral of Light, a militaristic faction associated with following Inarius, who hopes to show you the commanding ways of the Light.
  • The story unfolds during utterly tragic and apocalyptic events within Sanctuary, with the story of Lilith and Inarius being the darkest we have ever told in the series.