Fergusson: Hey, everyone. I’m Rod Ferguson, executive producer for the Diablo Franchise, and welcome to the Diablo Q&A. I’m joined today by three of my favorite Diablo designers. We have Luis Barriga, who has forbade me to roll my R’s when trying to say his name. I feel really bad about myself, but he’s the Game Director for Diablo 4.

We have Wyatt Chang, who is the Lead Designer for Diablo Immortal; and Rob Gallerani who is the Principal Designer for Vicarious Visions who works on Diablo II: Resurrected.

I want to do a real quick “How long have you been here?” question.
Luis, how long have you been at Blizzard?

Barriga: 15 years.

Fergusson: Nice 15? Wyatt, how long have you been at Blizzard?

Wyatt: Started up at Blizzard North just over 18 years ago.

Fergusson: Wow, Rob [laughing] How long have you been … Sorry what day of the week yeah what day the week is it? I think sub-two weeks now. You’re the only person who looks at his wrist to figure out how long they’ve been at Blizzard.

Gallerani: I’ve been at Vicarions Visions for 20 years. But Blizzard is 2 weeks.

Fergusson: It’s awesome and welcome to the Blizzard family. It’s great to have Vicarious Visions as part of Blizzard; and you guys are kicking butt, as they would say.

All right, let’s get into the questions. First question for Mr. Barriga, “So rogues are canonically only women: does that mean we’ll have two classes that are locked to one gender. The other being a male druid?”

Barriga: Yeah, so the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, they’re canonically women, and we do have the remnants of that Order. We also have other groups of Rogues that we’re showing in Diablo 4. And of course for all of our classes, players have full customization options and they’re not gender locked.

Fergusson: What about the Factions? So one of the questions we’ve been getting a lot around is, are the Rogues part of one faction as part of Diablo 4?

Barriga: No, so the player Rogue… You can always come up with your own background, that if you want to RP somebody that belongs to some specific group or comes from a specific region, we want to give you maximum flexibility, but we want to show that there exists NPCs that are part of an Order, that belongs to a group, that are unaffiliated; and then kind of give you that freedom to create a character that you imagine.

Fergusson: Nice, all right. Next up Wyatt, “You had that awesome Tech Alpha in December, and do you have any major learnings coming out of that?”

Wyatt: Yeah, the Tech Alpha was focused primarily on the early game and the mid-game systems. So we were able to check how people felt about the controls. We got feedback that it felt like an authentic Diablo game. Which is great, because using a completely different input mechanism. And still feel like Diablo is what we’re going for, so that was great. Also since we didn’t have any of our late games systems in, people would get the level 45 and kind of say, “Okay what now? What do I do now?” and it kind of validated that we have some work to do on the end-game systems, that’s up next for the team; and we’re looking forward to talking more about that later this year.

Fergusson: Awesome, thank you. Let’s see Rob. Question starts with “Hello, Blizzard”, so “Hello, Caleb”, “Are there going to be high texture animated cinematics at the end of every act and major moment like we had in Diablo III?” Rephrasing the question: so are the cinematics in D2R similar the way that they were done in Diablo III?

Gallerani: So no. The style of how they were done in D3 is different. In D2 what we’re doing is we’re literally remaking shot for shot all 27+ minutes of the cinematics that have just become iconic for Diablo II. So the original soundtrack will be playing all remastered for 7.1 Surround Sound, but the visuals of what you see will be full 3D models, full scenes. What you come to expect from a current-gen Blizzard game.

Fergusson: One of the things that’s great, we’re actually keeping all the same performances, so we’re up-resing the audio, but those actors perform… Marius, poor Marius … it will still sound like Marius. And he is following the Dark Wander, which I think is really cool. Back to you, Luis.
The question is “I noticed in the Diablo 4 gameplay videos that when you hit a monster, the monster becomes highlighted, or a lighter color? I feel like this ruins the immersion of the game, will there be an option to disable it?”

Barriga: So we really like how it works, the emphasis that it places on how visceral combat feels. But we have run into situations where specific members of the team find it very distracting, almost like an impediment, to play the game. So we do have it as an option, as part of our Accessibility’s Suite. We do want to make sure that our game can be played by as many people as possible; and also because many times, the combat impacts do have animations or other effects associated with it. We find that it does add something to combat, but it’s not mandatory.

Fergusson: Oh nice. Wyatt back to you? Frank says “Are there plans to continue the seasons of Diablo III in Diablo Immortal”?

Wyatt: Seasons, great question. I think people, sort of, find seasons appealing for a couple different reasons. If I were to name probably two of the most common. One is that a ‘progression reset’ gives you the opportunity to feel like you’re making progress very quickly, early on again, before some of the later stages of the game kick in and your progression rate slows down. The other thing people like is having those content updates.

For Diablo Immortal, we’re really focusing on the content update part. We want to provide regular content updates to the game and so you can definitely expect the game to stay fresh and exciting through those content updates. But, we don’t intend to reset progress. We feel like since Diablo Immortal, we really want to double down on having lots of progression systems, we want players to experience the new content that we release every patch, using the characters that they have leveled up, and built up over their previous play sessions.

Fergusson: Nice. It’s great. Thank you. All right. Rob you’re it. This is actually a multi-part question. So the idea of somebody asking one question, they’re sneaking in four. So be prepared. You may need to take notes. So maybe we should just take them in part? We’ll take them in parts. I’ll make it easier on you, I’ll start the first one. “I see that there’s cross progression but it doesn’t seem to have cross play. So PS4 people play with PC, for instance?” So cross progression, cross-play?

Gallerani: So we will definitely supporting cross progression. Your characters that you create online, are saved on Battle.net and therefore available from all the different systems you want. But as far as cross-play, that’s not something we’re supporting right now. You will be able to play against people. Because our ladder leaderboards are global, across the world, and across all Platforms.

Fergusson: Nice. Okay, well, then part two is “controller support for PC?”

Gallerani: Yes, absolutely. Literally you just plug a controller in, and you push a button on it and it pops over to Controller play.

Fergusson: Wait, pushing buttons on controllers, that’s how that works? No idea. “What about local co-op like D3 is there gonna be a local co-op in D2R?”

Gallerani: So there won’t be couch co-op, like there is. We did look into that, but the game is fundamentally built around your character staying in the center of the screen, and when we started departing from that, it wasn’t D2 anymore; and really the name of the game with Diablo II: Resurrected is the authenticity of this original experience. There will, however, be local play on the Nintendo Switch.

Fergusson: Nice.

Gallerani: Well, and in network co-op, we’re bringing back a big feature right with eight player co-op. I love that eight players as a big thing, when we’re just keeping on what was there originally. But yes, pretty much all the ways you could play before, are now preserved.

So eight players on Battle.net, if you want to have a local character and have people TCP connected into your game with seven of your friends, that’s all good too.

Fergusson: Nice. Using my modem and plugging the phone in and. Luis back to you. “In the last quarterly update of Diablo IV, you also introduced legendary affixes with damage multipliers. Don’t you think the system will escalate the same way it did in Diablo 3, or are you strictly planning on not only balancing builds by increasing or decreasing damage multipliers?”

Barriga: Yeah, we definitely expect that as you progress, that we want you to feel more powerful; and we did this being an RPG, we do want numbers to go up.

But absolutely, players shouldn’t expect to be in the millions, or billions, or anything like that. We have gotten that question before; and it’s something we’re trying to control, as much a possible. With an understanding that we still want you to feel powerful. So hopefully players will find that as we show them more of the game that we’re striking good balance there.

Fergusson: Nice. Wyatt “Will the lore go through the lore of Diablo 3 and maybe even go into Diablo 4?”

Wyatt: No. The lore of the Diablo: Immortal is focused on the span of time in between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. That’s a 20-year period, so we feel like there’s a lot of stories to explore, there’s a lot for us to look at.

There is an exciting opportunity for us, is that one of the zones that we have in Immortal is called the Library of Zoltan Kulle. And during Tech Alpha we had a dungeon called “At Destruction’s End” and it basically involved something kind of similar to time-walking, for those familiar with World Of Warcraft; where time-walking allowed you to visit a lore piece, kind of outside the bounds of the normal timeline.

And while we have plenty to explore in between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, we even have the opportunity to revisit a few key moments in Diablo’s history as well. So that should also be exciting.

Fergusson: I think, two of my favorite things too is one: because it happens before Diablo 3, that means that Deckard Cain is still alive. Umm, Spoiler, which is awesome to have Deckard back. And the other is that basically Diablo 2: Resurrected is kind of the prequel to Immortal. So, if you’re getting ready for Immortal, you got to play a lot of Diablo 2: Resurrected, just to get ready for the story right?

Wyatt: We should make that game.

Fergusson: We should totally make that Prequel.

Wyatt: That’s a good idea.

Fergusson: You should just point at the guy next to you. He’s taking care of it. We’re good.

Gallerani: Two weeks guys.

Fergusson: Let’s see, bots and cheats “In Diablo 2, will there be more protection against them in D2R?”

Gallerani: Yeah, so we’re moving to modern Battle.net. So, to claim that there will never be a dupe, there will never be bots. I would never challenge the internet; but we have far more tools in our toolbox to combat things like item duping, like bots, and even things like toxic behavior, you can now report players and chat with other people in the game. It’s just a lot of the luxury that comes with running on modern Battle.net.

Fergusson: Awesome. Luis, back to you. “When trying to make a darker world like the original Diablo and Diablo 2. What are your biggest challenges? Do you get any limitations because of the actual state of the community?”

Barriga: Believe it, or not, like a big limitation is striking the right balance. We find that if we go too hard just everywhere, you kind of get numb to it. So if we just have corpses everywhere, and blood everywhere, and everywhere looks like a death metal album cover, you just start tuning it out, right?

But if we do strike a balance, and of course the Cultist Temples, and Hell, and like dark basements like there, you’re gonna have horrific scenes, right? But we find that — once in a while — giving you these really awesome awe inspiring, like this does, some of the environment has this dark beauty, and you get these moments of tranquility.

So then when we show you the disembowled bodies. It really hits, those moments become very punchy. So oddly enough that’s been the challenge, not going too hard everywhere evenly, and finding the right spots to really amp it up. And then as far as the state of the community, we find out so far, people have been reacting really well to the tone in our quarterly updates. So really excited to show you guys more.

Fergusson: What about the state of the world? Like 20 years ago, part of the Diablo 2 charm was that it was probably the darkest game out there, it was almost this cult classic, in the sense that it felt a little forbidden. And now we’re in a world of Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy, and Game of Thrones and people are a little more desensitized to that darkness. Does that mean, you need to push it a little further than maybe D2? Or, do you think about people have been desensitized?

Barriga: That’s a great question. I feel like, in a way, it gave us the opportunity to go like, “Hey maybe we can do something like By Three They Come” and maybe there is an appetite for that, for like, blending it a lot more of those horror elements. So a lot of that was based on seeing the shift of where pop culture was going, and what things were acceptable and mainstream. And we’re like “yeah, maybe we can do like a very horrific opening cinematic” and you know, we took a chance with that and we think landed pretty well.

Fergusson: Awesome yeah, it was amazing. Okay Wyatt? I’m sure you’ve got this question a million times, but I’ll give it to you again, “can you tell us when the game is coming out?”

Wyatt: We do get that question. No. We can’t say when the game’s coming out. But what I can share is: so earlier this year, we finished our first Technical phase. But there’s more testing phases ahead. In fact, I think. It’s safe to say there’s more testing ahead of us than there is behind us, at this point.

We still need to get the crusader and necromancer in. There’s more zones. During Technical Alpha, the level cap was 45, but the shipping game is gonna be 60. That’s gonna come with two or three extra zones, with the main questline. And then on top of that, I alluded to this earlier, but there’s the elder game systems that we’ve been talking about, both PvE elder game systems and PvP elder game systems.

And we want to make sure that we have proper testing phases, to make sure that those get the testing that they require. So we can collect the feedback that we need, to make the game good.

Fergusson: And will the Crusader make the next testing phase? Like when, when can I play as a Crusader?

Wyatt: Yeah, we’re not talking about the timing yet. But, there will be a testing phase for crusader and there will be a testing phase of the necromancer.

Fergusson: Fair enough. Well done, by the way. PR is gold star. That is well done. Okay, Rob. “Will there still be player collusion (collision) with other players. For instance Maggot Lair was always tough to traverse?”

Gallerani: I don’t know about players colluding with each other; but I do think that collision is definitely a thing that will …

Fergusson: So It’s collision. I apologize. By the way PezRadar, Adam Fletcher, our Community Manager, collected the questions. And the fact that he didn’t run a spell check or look at grammatic, you know. I don’t want to call him out for not completely doing his job correctly, but it’s @PezRadar on Twitter. Anyway, sorry carry on, so collision in Maggot Lair.

Gallerani: Yes. So it will still be there. The Maggot Lair is still a tricky place to get around in. This is one of those things where, had we taken it out. Yes, it would have made co-op in Maggot Lair easier; but that’s a system that touches so much of the game, that we couldn’t touch it without causing unwanted side effects. So there will still be player collision, you can still stand in a doorway. Don’t do that though.

Fergusson: Nice well, I mean, the game is driven, you know, the D2 simulation’s running underneath. So movement of the players still moving on a grid in D2, it’s just being presented in 3D, right?

Gallerani: Yeah it’s, it’s a good way to describe it is that: really the original game is the puppet master; and all of the 3D engine is just the puppet. And so all the strings and everything that’s being told what to do is driven by the original.

Fergusson: It’s just a really good looking puppet.

Gallerani: It’s like where you know how puppets look creepy? In this case, It’s a very nice engine that runs on top.

Fergusson: Oh it’s a terrible metaphor. You started on a path, realized you’re digging a hole, and then aborted. That was amazing to listen to.
Okay, Luis. “Are there any plans on supporting Druid builds that focus on staying in one wereform for a longer duration?”

Barriga: Yeah, so you can definitely make builds that every button is a werewolf skill, or every button is a werebear skill — and those skills are quite effective, and then how that manifests itself is basically you do end up being in that form for a longer period of time.

But then if you’re backtracking in a dungeon, or going back to town, basically if you’re out of combat for a little bit of a bigger period of time, you will revert back to your beautiful Druid body. That we want to make sure that you keep connecting with that Druid.

So, if down deep in your heart you’re a werewolf… I don’t want to say 90% of the time, but you will be a werewolf a majority of the time in combat, if you go with that build.

Fergusson: Feel like you’re mocking the bear-bod Druid, there for a second. Was that a shot at the bear-bod? Is that what you’re doing? Because that hits a little home for me.

Barriga: I’m just trying to display pride in all diverse body shapes that we have, with all of our characters. The Druid is so popular in the theme. Like it’s a good one.

Fergusson: And can I ride my mount as a Bear? Can I ride my horse as a Bear?

Barriga: Unfortunately no. That’s one of the things, where we force you to shape shift. That is not allowed, it’s a little too much for sanctuary.

Fergusson: Why do you hate fun? Why you hate fun?

Barriga: It’s not ready. Sanctuary is not ready for this.

Fergusson: Sanctuary is not ready for bears on horses, ladies and gentlemen, bears on horses. Okay Wyatt, back to you. “How will the game work for future updates after the release? Update / expansion wise ?”

Wyatt: We have many patch content plans. We want to continue to support the game, well after release. Honestly, for us, the game’s release is just the beginning. We want to make sure that we’re able to continue to build: and add new storylines, new zones, new dungeons, new items, new paragon trees. I don’t know what else, new classes. All of it, just yeah.

Fergusson: So, you’ll just see more of everything.

Wyatt: Yeah, There’s, there’s more of everything. We’ll just keep pilling it on.

Fergusson: Nice, okay. Rob. “Diablo II: Resurrected. What patch will the Remaster be based off of? Skill synergies and elemental immune enemies, in the later patches, severely limited the build diversity and fun factor?”

Gallerani: So we’ll use 1.14, which is the current live version. And we’re aware that the balance of the game-live has qwerks to it. Right? So your Hammerdins are still going to be pretty good to use. And the reason we did that was we wanted to focus on nailing this foundation of the authentic experience. We didn’t want to start balancing it out to something else.

Because, if we gave players this game, that they remembered, but things felt differently, because we balance them or rebalance them, it’s too many variables. So right now, we’re focused on, pretty much, what’s live today.

Fergusson: Nice, awesome, okay Luis “Diablo III felt very isolating with a lack of trading between players, will Diablo 4 have trading between players?”

Barriga: Yeah, absolutely, we definitely want the Diablo IV to be very social. I mean, the shared world is something that we’re leaning on, and we do want that opportunity for players to go like, “Oh man, I can’t believe that you have that item. Let me barter with you.” And we’re still figuring out the limitations that we’re going to have, but trading is definitely going to be a big part of it, both direct players-to-player, and also with your Clan mates, through your clan bank. So stay tuned for more details, but we will definitely have trading.

Fergusson: Awesome. Wyatt. “Will there be PvP and PvE, competing with and against others? Raids etc for example a battle arena with a ranking system, or a free-to-play friendly system? Where you can spend day and night developing your skills, and challenge other players? Would motivate everyone to keep playing this game, even after they finish the storyline.”

Wyatt: We will have lots of great things for people to do after they finish the storyline. It’s another thing, we don’t have any announcements to make today. But PvE goals? Yes, absolutely. PvP and group-based PvP, for like you and not just three or four of your friends, but actually like larger groups of your friends to do in PvP combat with other players? Yes, absolutely. And it’s going to be rad.

Fergusson: So rad, rad is what you are going with? You’re not going with lit, or poggers, or anything?

Barriga: Yes, I like rad. What’s wrong with rad?

Wyatt: It’s going to be lit. It’s going to be poggers. Tell me when I am showing my age.

Gallerani: Hello, I’m working on a 20 year old game, for rad?

Fergusson: I just wanted to do the “Hello fellow kids” meme. That’ll be good. Okay, so Rob. “Will the classic Diablo 2 be updated to have better screen resolution, like 720p or even 1080p, since the default resolution is unplayable on full screen, for me?” And I don’t mean me, I mean the person asking the question.

Gallerani: So we’ll be running it on 4320p on PC, 2160p on next-gen consoles. At 60 frames per second, on PC, you could run on cap. 7.1 sound. If you want to run on a 21 by 9 monitor. Yeah, so those are pretty much what you’d expect from modern games, so that’s what we did.

Fergusson: You were so quick and precise with those numbers. I mean, it’s almost like they were written down right beside you.

Gallerani: Post-IT notes stick to all things, even cameras. Totally unrelated topic, I just brought up there.

Fergusson: Oh, apparently Adam has decided that you should get a follow-up question, since he put them out of order. So we’re just living with that now. “Can you explain the old frame rate and breakpoint system, and how it can be preserved with uncap framerate?

Gallerani: Yeah, so this one I’m gonna go on a little bit of detail. And it’s because there’s a lot that actually is about the old game’s feel. So the original game, like a lot of older games, ran on frames, not on time. And so if you imagine the game running like a bicycle wheel with the spokes. If something happened in between a spoke, it wouldn’t really click over, so that’s what breakpoints are. You’ve upped your stats, so much, that it would go faster, and fall in between a frame.

So you don’t get credit for it. So there’s builds made that we hit certain breakpoints. Now we have to preserve that. So our modern game still runs with all the spokes. All we’re doing is, we’re adding a much smoother tire around the outside, so we’re throwing a lot more visual frames in. So the animations that you see can run very smoothly; but these moments when the game is checking, to see what happens, are still in the exact same spot.

Fergusson: Believe it or not. I actually understood that.

Barriga: I think, me too. I’m like, is that a simile or a metaphor, but I got it. That was really good.

Gallerani: I think in Rod’s mind, it was one of those old-timey bikes where the front wheel’s really big, and the back wheel’s small.

Fergusson: What do you mean old-timey? All bikes are big wheel-little wheel. That’s the way you ride, and what’s old timey mean? Why does it have to be old timey? I mean, if anybody can paint a picture with words, it’s Rob, we all know that. It was beautiful, like I saw every word.

Okay. We’re at the point in the program, now, where we’re gonna enter what is lovingly called The Lightning Round. And so we’ve gone past the essay part of the part of the test, and now we’re on to multiple choices. One word answers. As close to one word answers as you can get. And I’m gonna be picking on one person at a time. So, my first victim, I mean, person that I’m gonna be talking to is Luis, you’re gonna be getting the lightning round are you ready? Are you prepared?

Barriga: Let’s do it.

Fergusson: You need to drink water or anything? Because they’re coming fast.

Barriga: Okay.

Fergusson: Come in fast. Alright, by the way, I’ve been doing interviews all week with Rob. One word answers are impossible. I’ll be interested to see how this works.

Wyatt: Luis, was that the Diablo water mug?

Fergusson: My God, always on a brand.

Barriga: Product placement.

Fergusson: Always on brand.

Wyatt: Nice

Fergusson: Okay, okay here we go. First one: “will every class have their own set of class quests?”

Barriga: No

Fergusson: Transmogrification, is it going to be a thing?

Barriga: Yes

Fergusson: What about fishing?

Barriga: No.

Fergusson: I added that question. Argh! I was trying to trick him up. Will the Diablo IV have couch co-op?

Barriga: Yes.

Fergusson: Little slow on the answer, but okay. Like that we know that’s a definitive feature. “Are there gonna be town portal scrolls or books in Diablo IV?”

Barriga: Yes. I answer super quick, but it’s my internet that is acting up.

Fergusson: Okay. Good to know. Okay, here we go: “Although we know that the High Heavens closed its gates to the mortals, will we see any Angel meddling in Sanctuary after Lilith’s return?”

Barriga: Technically, yes.

Fergusson: Technically, yes? Okay. Now I want to know more now about how angels … anyway. “Were we ever close to Inarius’ prison during our Diablo Adventures?”

Barriga: No, we actually thought about messing with you, with this one, but no.

Fergusson: You passed. You survived the Lightning Round. Congratulations, you can sit back and relax, as now I am going to pick on Wyatt. Wyatt, are you ready?

Wyatt: Oh boy, all right. I’m allowed to do short? If it’s lightning-ish right? Lightning-ish round?

Fergusson: Man, working with designers is so much fun, because you have to, like, negotiate and talk about the analysis of it.

Barriga: Can I expand on one of those Rod, now that I’ve passed? Because the team told me to go with the long version, and I think I messed it up and put it in the wrong pile.

Wyatt: Luis, you’re leaving an opportunity for people to quote you out of context, on the table there.

Barriga: No, but we like the long answer. It was around the other classes having class quests. So we want every class to have a unique mechanic. And for the rogue, it was the specializations. And the way you unlock those specializations is through class quests, so the Rogue really needs it, to provide context for that mechanic.

It doesn’t mean that no other class will ever have a class quest. It just means that we might add them, as necessary. But it definitely means it’s not something we’re doing, as a blanket statement, that all classes will get class quests, going forward. Hopefully that made sense, but also: no.

Fergusson: So, a lot more information in there, beside that “no.” There’s so much more information. Okay, most of the time here is gonna be spent on the question. I feel bad that it’s a short answer; but the question is “Will the Diablo Immortal ever consider having mass PvP like guild versus guild, in the open world? This thing was the best feature other mobile games have to offer, like Black Desert Mobile, etc?”

Wyatt: Yes, and it will be lit.

Fergusson: I will allow it. I will allow the extra words, so that we can have that. That’s great, thank you. “Can gestures be included for characters animations?”

Wyatt: Character animations..?

Fergusson: Can gestures be included for character animations.

Wyatt: Maybe? I guess I’m not sure what’s being asked, but? Like swipes on the screen or something like that?

Fergusson: Like if you wanted to give me a gesture right now. Like can they figure out how to put those kinds of gestures, as a character animation?

Wyatt: We’ll look into it.

Barriga: This reminds me of the yes or no Congress Hearing questions.

Fergusson: Exactly, we have to negotiate yes and no’s. Back “Will Diablo Immortal support 120hz devices?”

Wyatt: No, not on launch. But maybe later.

Fergusson: I will allow it. “Will the release include Paladin and Necromancer classes?”

Wyatt: If by Paladin, the person means Crusader? Then yes, the Crusader and the Necromancer will both be part of release.

Fergusson: And “Will I be able to play them in the next testing cycle?”

Wyatt: (laughs) Maybe.

Fergusson: (laughs) I just keep trying but…

Wyatt: But was that one from Rod? Because then it’s no.

Fergusson: Even worse. “How many players, can the largest raid have?”

Wyatt: Yes. (laughs) Large groups.

Fergusson: Large groups, thank you. Okay moving on to Rob. Congratulations, Wyatt, you survive the Lightning Round, good job. Okay? Rob, It’s gonna be a strain on you, Rob. Short answers.

Gallerani: The bar has been set quite moderately.

Fergusson: Okay, “Will trading in D2R, still function the same way as in D2?”

Gallerani: Yes.

Fergusson: (Buzzing sound) I’m buzzing you on that as an incorrect answer. That’s an incorrect answer, that it doesn’t actually work the same. Come on, talk about linking and chat, and all that stuff?

Gallerani: Yes, so you will still have to trade with another person, but you have a lot more quality of life improvements.

Fergusson: Who else would you trade with? Yes, you “still have to trade with another person?’

Gallerani: You can’t trade with the mailbox, right? So you can item-link people in a game chat or in a trade channel, you like check out my item. And you just link it, and they can see the stats. You can also item compare, so you can compare those items to what you already have equipped. So there’s a lot more quality of life things, to be able to access trading in the same manner that it was done in the original.

Fergusson: I’ll allow it.

Gallerani: (laughs) That was entrapment.

Fergusson: “Will you be throwing in any new runewords into D2R?”

Gallerani: No, not at this time.

Fergusson: The most important question of all. Which feels odd to not have as the last question. So once again PezRadar, thank you very much. But the most important question of all, “Will D2R overwrite an original D2 installation?”

Gallerani: No, absolutely not. Everything you have about D2 currently, will stay D2. This is a separate product, a separate game. You can play them both at the same time, if you want.

Fergusson: Luis is enjoying his original copy of D2 in the background there, so inappropriately. And next is “Well then, can I load a D2 original character into Resurrected?”

Gallerani: So, right now we’re keeping them separate. The modern Battle.net characters are all more secure. So no.

Fergusson: Okay, well this is it. The final question of the Lightning Round: “Will my Shako still be green?”

Gallerani: Was it green in the first one?

Fergusson: Is that your answer.

Gallerani: No, I’ll give people a better answer. So, the icon of it is green in your inventory, so it will green in this one. Whatever it looks like on your character in-game, is exactly what it will look like on your character in this one.

Fergusson: I will allow it. Alright, that’s it. We’re out of questions.
So I want to thank you for tuning in and watching the Diablo Q&A. I want to thank my three special guests, for putting up with me, for this last little while, for their tolerance and patience.

But thank you Luis, Wyatt, and Rob this has been fun and very informative. I learned a lot. I hope everybody at home watching, learned as well. So until next time, we’ll see you online.

Special thanks to RedOctober for the transcript.

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