Blizzplanet Lore Chat Giveaway Snafu – Another Beta Key Giveaway Announcement Soon

I have only read about three emails so far, and my inbox is kinda filling up quick. I’ll read all of them, and reply them back. I wanted to post this before I get to read all of them, as this is what I’m going to tell each.

I gotta think a way how to giveaway one or two extra beta keys in response to one or two lore questions that were either incorrect or technically invalidated.

For example: What’s the tribe of the Diablo III Witch Doctor? The answer in the official Diablo III website states: “Only a select few men and women among the umbaru tribes can ascend to the hallowed role of witch doctor.” Diablo III: Book of Cain page 142 also refers to the Umbaru tribes of the Teganze forest. Seems Umbaru is the race.

The answer for the lore chat was written in chat as “Umbaru”. Eldorian was asking the questions in the IRC chat, but I was who wrote the questions for him a few days ago. Technically, according to the website Umbaru is not a tribe. It states Umbaru tribes (in plural). This invalidates the question/response. The question should have been “What race is the Diablo III Witch Doctor?” — the answer would have been Umbaru as intended.

There was another question in this lore chat giveaway: “Where was Mephisto imprisoned by the Horadrim?” The answer to that question is intended to be a specific location. Some claim to have answered Kehjistan. That’s an entire region, not a specific place. For example, Baal was imprisoned at Tal Rasha’s Tomb in the Canyon of the Magi. Diablo was imprisoned in the depths of the Cathedral of Tristram in Tristram. Someone saying Mephisto was imprisoned in Kehjistan would be like saying Diablo was imprisoned in Khanduras. Tristram is but a small town in the massive region of Khanduras. I still need to double-check if the answer of that Mephisto question was accurate though. That’s why I’m making the announcement on Tuesday to have time to browse through the old Diablo manual.

I’m not in my best concentration. It’s a poor excuse. I have been nigh two weeks with issues in my inner-ear. I currently have a 80% hearing loss, feels like a drill going up there, and the specialist doctor who saw me didn’t provide any medicine at all. It feels like a torture, and ER personnel doesn’t know how to handle it. Bare with me. Mistakes happen when you are at your best. Mistakes happen when your health isn’t alright, too.

I have to look up to find out if it was a mistake. I’ll update when I make the announcement of one or two beta keys to giveaway to make up for [my] mistake. Check the front page for a new announcement on Tuesday, Feb 21.

I apologize.

Best wishes,

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  • Anonymous

    I really feel like I personally lost out on a key for the tribe question…I HAD to be the first one with the correct answer. Its a shame a mistake was made and I am still without a key.

  • Anonymous

    @[email protected] I msged tribe of five hills with no throttling, then proceeded to type out clan of 7 stones and tribe of clouded valley with throttles @[email protected]

  • I, myself, also posted Tribe of Five Hills without throttling. It was quite disappointing to see someone receive a key for incorrectly saying it was Umbaru

  • Anonymous

    Although it is upsetting, nonetheless, it was still fun doing the trivia. Some things you learn – and somethings you already know. And since we already know, we can challenge the question and verify the truth or “correctness” of the question and answer. We could complain about how it a question was phrased, or how accurate the answer was. For example – Where was Mephisto imprisoned? 1. Guardian Tower or (Temple of Light) 2. Travincal 3. Kurast. All 3 answers are correct, yet Temple of Light was the only acceptable answer. So then, should the question be changed to “In what building was Mephisto imprisoned?” or “In which City,” and etc. One can complain about it – but I found the purpose of the trivia is to gain or clarify that knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, it does suck. But unfortunately there’s nothing we can really do about it at this point except invent a time machine to try and fix it. I have heard from about 50 people though that they were probably the first one to answer it, but we’ll never know who was.

  • Anonymous

    I got over 20 emails about the Witch Doctor question. 80% said they were the first to respond. Obviously Over 20 are incorrect, and only one is correct. Actually, there were over 1000 people in the chat channel. Maybe the one who was really first was not among those who emailed to complain.

  • Scott Hale

    Wait what the hell? The announcement said the lore giveaway was going to be on the 26th not the 19th. You lied and made me miss it altogether…

    Tristram is not in Westmarch by the way. It’s in Khanduras.

  • Actually the Travincal and Kurast were built after Mephisto was placed in the temple. And Mephisto was not imprisoned in his soulstone in the temple but brought there after the horadrim captured him.

  • Anonymous

    In order to try to clarify what I think you are saying is the Horadrim brought Mephisto to the Temple of Light, where they confined him there over time and civilizations were built around it. Is not confining someone to a location the definition of imprisoned? def: Put or keep in prison or a place like a prison. (Source: Google) In addition, Mephisto’s Lair, Durance of Hate, means “Imprisonment of Hate.” It’s located under the temple.

  • Not quite, as I read it anyways. Imprisonment is basically caging someone right? Mephisto was sort of imprisoned twice. He was first imprisoned within his soulstone by the Horadrim. They then brought his soulstone to the temple where they imprisoned him again (they really imprisoned his soulstone) and placed the monks on guard around him.
    Think of it like transferring a convict. A man is arrested and placed in prison awaiting his trial. He is then convicted of his crime and then ordered to a maximum security prison (this would be the temple). He is then transferred to the new prison from his original location. The man is imprisoned at BOTH locations and also during the transfer, but he was imprisoned first when he was arrested. But whatever, makes no difference to me.

  • Brian Kim

    ehh the lore trivia is over and done with, just gotta be hopeful for the next contest (like this one)

  • Anonymous

    In your case, I would say “capture” would be accurate for your first ‘imprisonment’ term. As a convict is first caught by the use of a tool, such as handcuffs. The convict is not imprisoned, but rather rendered less powerful or powerless. The soulstone is merely a tool to weaken, to capture Mephisto. It is not a prison or a “place” on a mortal realm. You are treating it as if the Horadrim can leave Mephisto’s soulstone at that current location and walk off and expect nothing to happen because you are saying the soulstone itself is a prison that has security checks and mechanisms preventing him from breaking free.

  • Диабло 3 рулит!