Glynnis: Seaside Scottish [email protected], CA

Glynnis Talken—voice actress of Starcraft Kerrigan and Diablo II Rogue/Kashya—will have her last public presentation before she dedicates to finish her medieval romance book to be Published by Warner on April 2006.  Glynnis recently signed with Warner as new publisher and her new writer seudonym will be Sarah McKerrigan.  You can find her at the Seaside Scottish Games at Seaside Park in Ventura, California.  Glynnis will be there all day Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th at the Tea & Sympathy booth.  Although the event is not Blizzard related, she has told me in the past that all Starcraft and Diablo II fans are more than welcome to show up for a autograph on any poster, game box, or product; a photo or simply to say hello.  Read the Newsletter below:

BlizzCon Exhibit-Only Tickets On Sale

Missed out on the full $120 Show Pass that includes the concert but still interested in checking out the exhibit halls? You’re in luck! We’re now offering Exhibit-Only tickets for BlizzCon at a price of USD $85! An Exhibit-Only ticket entitles you to all the same privileges and access as a regular BlizzCon ticket except for the closing-night concert. You’ll still get your goody bag and access to the exhibit halls, seminars, stores, tournaments, and developers at BlizzCon. If you’d like to take advantage of this limited-time offer, please click here to purchase your BlizzCon Exhibit-Only ticket now

Trial Account Info

There were concerns of cheating of farmers by using Trial versions of World of Warcraft, to which Eyonix responded there is nothing to fear:

Eyonix: “Since there has been some recent confusion concerning the issue, I thought I’d clarify that in order to protect our player base from abuse, we have placed some restrictions on accounts created using the promotional trial version of World of Warcraft that is available through certain magazine publications. Please be aware that these restrictions are only in place during the trial period; players who decide to purchase a retail copy of World of Warcraft and activate their accounts will be able to continue adventuring with the same characters and take full advantage of all features included in the retail version of the game.

During the trial period, characters on the promotional accounts will be able to advance up to level 20 and accumulate up to 10 gold. Use of the auction house and mailbox, player-to-player trade, and access to the in-game chat channels will be unavailable for the duration of the 14-day trial period”

Warcraft III Patch v1.20

The Warcraft III patch v1.20 has been released to address an issue that disabled Spirit Walkers from resurrecting other Spirit Walkers, as well as a few map changes. Simply connect to to download and install the latest patch.

If you have The Frozen Throne expansion installed you only need to download and install The Frozen Throne patch. For the easiest patching process it is recommended that you connect to  If you need to download the patch via internet browser, you can find international versions of patch 1.20 for both PC and Mac for Warcraft III Original and Frozen Throne.  Read the Patch Notes below:

Blizzplanet: 3 Free BlizzCon Tickets

Wish to win FREE tickets to BlizzCon?  Easy.  You don’t need to own World of Warcraft.  Starcraft, Warcraft III, Diablo players and even if you aren’t a Blizzard player can win one of Three BlizzCon Tickets given to Blizzplanet by Blizzard Entertainment.

Now … you would say, how can I win one of these Three Tickets?  Just answer a Q&A after reading some of my questions.  All you need to do is to read the links provided to gather the answers if you do not know them.  This will encourage you to read some of the Warcraft lore hidden within Blizzplanet’s pages and if your answers are correct you will be added into a drawing.  I will choose randomly three winners from a batch of entries, then I will contact and display the name of the winners.  Email your answers to [email protected]

NOTE: You must provide your full name, and home address.  The winner’s info will be sent to Blizzard to mail your BlizzCon badge.  Your personal info won’t be shared with anyone else and will be destroyed thereafter.

  • Read the 14 questions below and email your answers to participate and win a ticket to BlizzCon.  The deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 6th at 11:59pm EST/-5GMT so HURRY up!
  • Additionally, you can participate at our friendly Contest for 1 more possibility to win a ticket.  Therefore, also try out their contest by reading their simple Contest Rules

Once you participate, since winners no longer have to pay Admission entry, take a look at the following discounts:

  • Travel Discounts for BlizzCon Attendees
    American Airlines and Avis have arranged to provide special discounts for BlizzCon attendees who book flights/car rentals with them. Please visit the BlizzCon Travel Page for details on how you can take advantage of these special offers. Among the discounts are Airplane tickets, many Hotels, and Disney Resort discount tickets.  The page provide Ground Transportation maps to get to Anaheim.

Wow.Stratics Givingaway BlizzCon Tickets

Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft Stratics have teamed up to provide you a chance to win a ticket to the 2005 BlizzCon, held October 28th & 29th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  Interested in attending BlizzCon and getting all the goodies? Read on.

Stratics is having a drawing on Thursday October 6th for the most unique WoW character. What makes a unique character you might ask? Your style of course! We will be looking for a character that has the most unique name, dress and pose.

To enter please send a screenshot of your character and character’s name to [email protected] by Thursday 11:59pm est and on Friday our Stratics staff will pick who the most unique character is! When sending in your entries please also include your real name so we are able to match you up with the BlizzCon ticket you will be receiving.  We look forward to seeing all your entries and good luck!

Christie Golden New Book

As a follow up to our interview with Christie Golden, we want to announce that she released a new book—not related to Blizzard – is on sale.  Christie Golden wrote Warcraft: Lord of the Clans.  If you liked her writting style depicting Thrall’s rise to shamanistic ways, you may like her new book series.  IN STONE?S CLASP, the sequel to ON FIRE?S WINGS may be ordered here.  Read the critics reviews and a close up of the book cover here.

Although this is not a Blizzard book, I personally am grateful to all Blizzard book writers, freelancers and employees who give of their time to be interviewed by Blizzplanet, and as a thanks we follow up on their future and current projects.  For more details read the official press release at her What’s New section.

Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor

We have added an excerpt of Chapter One from Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor—a pocketbook written by Chris Metzen few years ago.  This hard to find book is available in Acrobat Reader PDF format and was added to our Warcraft Pocketbooks section at the comfortable price of only $ 4.00.

For those who didn’t know,  the main characters of this book are NPCs in World of Warcraft.  The Paladin is the simple guy outside a cabin near the Thondroril river northwest of Eastern Plaguelands, by the entrance to Terrorweb Tunnel.  Once you complete all his quests, he will reveal to you his true name …  Tirion Fordring and below his name the tag: (Order of the Silver Hand).  The second NPC is named Eitrigg, former member of the Blackrock Clan, now an NPC next to Thrall at the Valley of Wisdom.  Warcraft: Of Blood of Honor is about this Alliance Paladin. This story takes place before Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, and is a backstory for the Knights of the Silver Hand.  After Lordaeron’s Fall and the loss of their leader Uther the Lightbringer, the Knights of the Silver Hand changed their name to Scarlet Crusade, distorting their credo into zealotry.  With Tirion’s son becoming High Lord of the Scarlet Crusade as protege of High General Abbendis.  In the book, Taelan is but a young boy who loved his father Tirion. Enjoy the excerpt, and order the eBook at your leisure.

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JOB: Quest Designer

An incredible opportunity to join the World of Warcraft development team has just been announced! Quest designers pour their creativity and writing skills into creating unique, engaging and entertaining quests within the World of Warcraft. If you?re a gifted storyteller with an outstanding ability to craft adventures and dialogue for quests, the Quest Designer position may very well be your dream job. Please see the Quest Designer job posting for complete information and apply soon ? this position will undoubtedly fill quickly.

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JOB: Next-Gen Engine Programmer

Blizzard Console is looking for a talented and experienced programmer to focus on engine development for next generation consoles.


  • 4+ years of game coding experience
  • 2+ years of hands-on experience writing efficient core engine code (directly to hardware, not through 3rd-party APIs).
  • Strong math skills.
  • Fluent in C/C++
  • A passion for making and playing games.


  • Knowledge of Assembly

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