On November 22, I posted an article titled Blizzard Careers: The Diablo Category Paradigm Shift. Back then, there were only internship positions available in the core Diablo job openings category.

Now the Diablo job category is listing 19 full-time job openings that weren’t there by the time of my previous article.

What is relevant is that each of these 19 job openings are listed in the Diablo category. Not in the Diablo Immortal category. Not in the Unannounced Game, Diablo category. Not in the Classic Games category. Plus… each of them says: “Unannounced Project.”

That can possibly mean one of these is in development right now:

  • Diablo III: Expansion
  • Diablo III: Class Pack
  • Something else

At least 3 of the job openings requirements (Pluses): “Console programming experience.” The first one below, in addition, requires: “Knowledge of DirectX 11+ or OpenGL APIs.”

*Corrections made after fans’ feedback. Regardless, I have to go by what Nevalistis told Rhykker: “We are not done with D3. We are not done with D3.”

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