WoW Radio to Broadcast BlizzCon

WCRadio to Broadcast Live Videostream from BlizzCon.  As promised, Blizzard Entertainment made the official announcement of what few days I reported to be a surprise.  WCRadio will transmit a LIVE Videostream broadcast of BlizzCon with the help of from China using Peer-to-peer technology known as ppstream.  Blizzard fans will be able to watch the show live using Windows Media Player.  WCRadio needs to rent 3 Canon XL2 cameras.  If you wish to help WCRadio with few donations you can do so here via Paypal.

Blizzard: “While we wish every player could attend this year’s BlizzCon, we understand that a large number of players will be unable to make the trip. But there is still hope! Blizzard is pleased to announce that WoW Radio will be offering live video feeds of some of the different events at BlizzCon. You can look forward to watching some of the Q&A panels, the costume contest, interviews with Blizzard employees, and several other big events live from your computer. As we head into the last few weeks before the convention begins, please keep checking WoW Radio’s BlizzCon website, for more information.

WoW Radio also airs Shoutcast “Radio Shows” every day that you can listen to from your computer. These talk shows cover the latest news and community discussions about World of Warcraft. Check out their website for running schedules and downloads of their archived shows”

Athalus needs 3 Canon XL2 video cameras.  If you have a business and wish to sponsor WCRadio please contact athalus at [email protected]  A commercial of your business can be run live during the videostream and ad banners in the website can be arranged. World of Warcraft has 4 million paid-subscribers that will be a potential target for any sponsor able to support WCRadio live videostream from BlizzCon

Ohh Noes!!! Blizzard does it Again!

Something strange is happening at website.  The page loads a random image with a simple message: 10. 7. 05
Remember the infamous Starcraft: Ghost countdown back on 2002?  This may mean there is a big announcement to be done today!  The HTML page has a hidden message saying: “Get ready!”.  Some fans speculate a new game will be announced, or a new franchise, or a Diablo related game, while others speculate that there will be a new Ladder reset and others say Starcraft: Ghost date release will be announced based on this image. Here is another variant image with the .999_=1 message.  Below are the Teaser images displayed randomly on reload: has word that Devs are teasing fans over at the forums with clues and hints driving them crazy.  Rumor is that Starcraft, Warcraft III and Diablo II will shortly be announced to launch a Nintendo DS version.  We will have to wait late today for the official news.  Keep updated.
Everyone is mind-boggled refreshing website all day long to find out!

UPDATE: Very … interesting.  It was all about a new website layout, no new game announcements. 

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StarCraft Nominated for the Walk of Game!

Every year, gamers worldwide cast their vote on to induct the next set of honorees to receive a steel star on the “Walk of Game,” located in the Metreon entertainment complex in San Francisco, CA. This year, we?re very proud to announce that StarCraft has been included among the esteemed group of classic games and game characters that have been nominated for this honor! We?d like to encourage all gamers to visit the site and vote for any of the nominees that they believe most deserves a star. Voting will be open throughout the month of October.

Current Rankings:
EverQuest 35.2%
Final Fantasy 30.3%
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 25.2%
The Sims 25.1%
Tetris 21.2%
Pac-Man 21.0%
StarCraft 19.9%

Winners announced shortly

Stay tuned for the announcement of winners of the contest held recently.  Three lucky players will win a Free ticket to attend BlizzCon.  I will email winners around 2:30 A.M. EST/-5GMT.

UPDATE (4:28A.M.):  Winners were chosen randomly and emailed.  The winners were submitted to Blizzard Entertainment.  Congratulations! Their screen name and server will be announced soon—if they authorize it to be disclosed.  We wish the winners a lot of fun.  Blizzard just announced that World of Warcraft Expansion hands-on will be possible in BlizzCon.  Special thanks to those not fortunate to win one of the three tickets, for participating in the fun and educating Contest.  I hope everyone enjoyed reading some of the Warcraft lore obtained from in-game quests, Warcraft Novels and Warcraft RPG books.

Ventrillo Mac Version Soon

Ventrillo announced that a release of a mac version is on the horizon.  This news will make many World of Warcraft players happy, including Warcraft 3 and Starcraft players.

The Ventrilo / Macintosh client tech support forum is here pending the official release of the client.  The forum will be activated once the first release is made available.  Thank you for your support and interest in the Mac client.  At the current time we do not have an official release date. Once we do, it will be posted here and possibly some indication on the download page.

WCRadio Sponsorship

WoW Radio currently runs seven shows a week to a highly targeted audience. We have a major event coming up that we require sponsorship for, and would like to make it known that we are open to discussing sponsorship or advertising plans with reputable individuals or companies. If you might be interested in this, feel free to e-mail Athalus at [email protected] as soon as possible.

So far we have purchased our rendering computer. We are still in need of at least one Canon XL2 camera, and ideally one additional computer and camera. We also need a data center that can provide a very fat bandwidth pipe.  If you wish to further support, use Paypal to donate at

NPR radio talks Hakkar Disease

NPR radio featured a topic related to the Blood of Hakkar disease that spread for days in major cities of Azeroth few days ago.  To listen to the radio broadcast click the listen image at the following page:

A recent outbreak of a “plague” in a popular online game has scientists considering how the virtual world may provide clues to what people would do in real-world pandemics. In the role-playing game World of Warcraft, a “corrupted blood” spell killed characters and affected players in unexpected ways.

Wow Expansion [email protected] BlizzCon

The World of Warcraft development team has confirmed that BlizzCon attendees will be able to go hands-on with a playable sneak peek of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. For those who won’t be able to attend BlizzCon, please note that gaming magazines hitting newsstands in different regions of the world around the time of the event will feature in-depth previews on the new content we have in store. Click here to learn more about BlizzCon.

We have recently placed some exhibit-only BlizzCon tickets on sale, for those of you who are interested in attending BlizzCon and trying out the World of Warcraft expansion set. See the recent announcement for more information

IMPORTANT: Permanent Forum Ban

Fangthooth posted in all CAPS a very important new Forum Rule for Wow Forums that may cause you to get perma-banned:

We are breaking our own rule by posting the subject line for this in all caps because it is especially important that everyone reads this:

If you post links that ultimately lead to any images of areas in the game that are not yet designed to be accessible by players in the retail version, you will be permanently banned from participating in the World of Warcraft forums

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