The SDCC 2011 was bombastic with information about upcoming Blizzard licensed products. DC Comics Hank Kanalz dropped the bomb with a very exciting new product many have been expecting for a long time. DC Comics will launch a 5-issues mini-series based on Diablo III.

The Diablo: Sword of Justice is coming soon by writer Aaron Williams and artwork Joseph Lacroix. It is an original 5-issues comic book mini-series. It features a kid named Jacob who has visions of a prophecy. Very interesting plot.

Everyone knows that Tyrael threw his sword toward the corrupted Worldstone to destroy it at the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Tyrael disappeared and he was never seen after this point. The plot features Tyrael’s sword will be calling to a human kid to serve as the avatar of Justice on Sanctuary. It has the ingredients of a great Diablo story. The story has Barbarians and elements of demonic corruption.


Hank Kanalz: 29:40 – “Diablo: Sword of Justice is an original 5-issue mini-series and it is written by Aaron Williams who is best known for his work on North40 and PS238. On the covers is Joseph Lacroix. He’s a great new find that the folks at Blizzard actually stumbled across and work with.

This is his first american comics work and he’s fantastic. Really nice fine line there. This one is a story about Jacob and he is led by visions of an ancient prophecy that leads him to the Diablo world and the archangel.”

Micky Neilson: 30:24 – This story features Tyrael’s sword. For those of you who know the Diablo lore, at the end of Diablo II expansion, Tyrale destroyed the Worldstone. Tyrael disappeared after that. So this is a story about his sword basically calling to a human to serve as the avatar of justice on Sanctuary. So it’s got all the ingredients of a great Diablo story. It’s got Tyrael’s sword. It got a mortal hero. It’s got Barbarians. It’s got demonic corruption and it’s got a sexy wizard. Everything you could want.

Hank Kanalz: He really brings the European flare. He’s a french artist. You can see the pages upon the screen have a terrific look and approach. We are also please to announce Dave Stewart (Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four) will be coloring the story as well.

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