Rhykker recently posted his thoughts on what happened during the Diablo Immortal announcement. It’s heartbreaking to listen to his experience. However, he shared a clip from his BlizzCon livestream where Nevalistis said the following: “I gotta say, we have some stuff coming for Diablo III. For next Season. We will have more to talk about later. Honestly, it came down to… I am in the process of working on some blogs and things like that; and I just couldn’t get them done before BlizzCon. So it had to wait until after BlizzCon. But we are not done with Diablo III. We are not done with Diablo III.”

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This naturally made me harken back to what Nevalistis said during The Future of Diablo video, and it was right there all along.

Nevalistis: “… But we may have some things to show you later THIS YEAR.”

Diablo Immortal accounts for “ONE” thing. She said THINGS in plural. So now watching what Nevalists told Rhykker at the BlizzCon livestream, makes me wonder if there will be more than one Diablo III announcement before December 31, 2018.

At least one blog about the next Themed Season is guaranteed. But she did mention she is in the process of working on some BLOGS after BlizzCon. What other things could qualify for “We are not done with Diablo III?”

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