This has been a secret trick I have used for the past few years to get my Collector’s Editions delivered on release day.

Have you pre-ordered a Collector’s Edition and it gets delivered 2 days after the official release date? Maybe even longer? It is a nightmare when it takes several days to arrive. Especially with the Heroes of the Storm Valla Hero redeemable until March 31. Learn how to here.

How about getting it delivered exactly on the official release date? You can. If you follow my trick, you will get the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls CE delivered to your door on March 25th in the afternoon (tops).

Usually when the release date is approaching, Amazon adds the “On Release Day” shipping option. What happens is that the Collector’s Edition leaves the store and gets shipped on March 23 with a 2-day shipping. Amazon makes sure that the delivery arrives on the release date (March 25th).

1. Go to the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition page.

2. Login to your Amazon account.

3. Hit the pre-order button.


4. Whenever you see the shipping options, make sure to choose the following option: “Two-Day Shipping — get it on its release day: Tuesday, March 25.”


5. The option will cost an additional $7.98 (more or less depending where you live in the United States), but it is totally worth it.


A few years ago, I contacted an Amazon representative via chat when I first noticed the Release Day option. She had to explain it to me several times as I was skeptic. I was surprised when on release date the delivery man knocked my door. The Collector’s Edition was on my door on release date afternoon.

Hopefully, this may be of help to someone. If you had pre-ordered before, simply pre-order it again. Once you finish the order and you notice the estimate shipping date is on Release date, feel free to cancel the older order.