For those who missed it, Blizzard Entertainment invited Blizzplanet and other fansites to the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Press Event which takes place through March 13-15 (Tuesday-Thursday).

However, I don’t want to see anyone hold their breath these two magic days. Eldorian and DJTyrant will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which prevents them from making public any info until Monday, March 19th — when all gaming networks and fansites are able to share to the public their gosu-articles highlighting all the new features, screenshots, concept art and/or videos provided in the press kit DVD, and their personal experiences playing the Mists of Pandaria (Alpha) demo.

Mark it on your calendar and make sure to visit Blizzplanet or follow us on Twitter/Facebook/G+ to get the latest news of our coverage.

On other matters, Eldorian recently published an article a few days ago explaining why March 12 might be a very attractive date for Blizzard Entertainment to announce the Diablo III official release date.

It’s a good theory based on some history facts learned from previous Blizzard games and their corresponding release date announcements.

Just want to be clear this was a theory, and in no way means we have an inside knowledge. It’s a wild guess. A guess that’s very very attractive. Most of the previous Blizzard press releases concerning a official release date are made on a Monday.

Monday 19th will be an all-out spotlight on Mists of Pandaria info from the press event. “IF” Blizzard wished to announce the Diablo III official release date before the Mists of Pandaria’s wave of info — then March 12 is a strong candidate.

However, Blizzard might also announce it at an undetermined date after the Mists of Pandaria press spotlight. It’s like the lotto. Unpredictable.

Regardless of the outcome, there’s something funny going on here at Blizzplanet.

Our new vBulletin forum moderator Marva taunted Eldorian with a bet concerning his March 12 theory — check the forum thread.

Marva: So by now most everyone here has seen Eldorian mention his Monday March 12th prophecy. He has some sound logic behind his idea that on this day we will receieve that all important release date.

My question is this…just how SURE is Eldorian about his Nostradamus style prediction of the future????

I would like to extend a small wager to Eldorian, a gentleman’s bet if you will. If Eldorian is correct, and the release date for D3 is announced on Monday the 12th at anytime I will remove my sweet Imperius avatar and replace it with this for an entire week.

If he’s wrong however, our beloved Forum admin Eldorian will have to replace his avatar for an equal period of time.

What do you say Eldorian??

p.s. – can I get the lotto numbers for next week.

Amusing bet. Makes me wonder what new bet Marva might come up with if I ever post a speculation newspost. I think someone’s getting fired before I find out. [insert Mr. Evil laughter] =D