LiquidSky is quickly growing through its beta phase. They have enabled beta points which are earned by either reporting bugs or referring new LiquidSky members. Down the line these beta points will be used for special raffles of products such as Netbooks, etc.

In addition, LiquidSky has brought Steam to the cloud which means playing Steam games on your Tablet. Members can now upload Blizzard games into the cloud to play on tablets.

Another benefit of LiquidSky is that players with old computers who can no longer run some Blizzard games, now are able to play Diablo III (for example) from Firefox or Google Chrome.

How about playing Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft from your Tablet? Awesome! Ever wanted to play Pet Battles, check Auction House, Mailbox, Garrison from your Tablet? Now you can. Join the LiquidSky Beta.

What Is Liquid Sky?

Liquid Sky is the world’s first cloud service which allows any device to run any program or game on its highest setting regardless of its hardware, without the need for a computer. With Liquid Sky, viruses and constantly obsolete hardware are both things of the past. Your Liquid Sky cloud now has access to unlimited power, growing and shrinking free of charge depending on your needs. No more investing in that powerful desktop that sits around collecting dust for half of the day. Cheaper, Faster, Easier, and Safer; Liquid Sky, The last computer you’ll ever buy. Join the world’s first Liquid Cloud service today and grab a plan!

How does it work?

Think of a Netflix service but for all of your favorite programs; an endless catalog which grows every week of already-paid for software, freeware, and the most demanding games. After subscribing to a plan all you have to do is open Liquid Sky Glass and choose any program(s) in your catalog from a device or computer of your choosing. Your device will then instantly be transformed into a supercomputer with unlimited resources to fulfill your computing needs without the need to install anything. Liquid Sky is a complete cloud based computer solution which runs from start to finish all in your favorite web browser or alongside any local applications on your desktop. Join the future today, and grab a plan!

What is a Liquid Cloud?

Most cloud hosting services are considered elastic, expanding and stretching to exceed their limits as you pay for more resources. With Liquid Cloud technology, users are given unlimited resources. Every millisecond “Liquid” flows into and out of your cloud depending on your needs. This keeps things efficient while helping the little guy have access to resources he would otherwise not be able to afford.

File storage in the cloud is nothing new; Liquid Clouds however can contain much more. They hold programs, games and hardware which allow them to handle the all of the computing while your device sits back and enjoys the ride. This means that Liquid Sky users can use their lightweight devices to run extreme programs and games while saving resources and money!

Steam Is In The Sky! now lets you upload any program or game to the Sky, which means that you can play anything on any device using our hardware, including your Steam Library.

Please watch this video before you try it out to get a complete walk-through of the process…

Important News!

  • The Sky is growing! We have acquired more servers to handle the demand so you should be able to connect without issue.

  • Our San Jose datacenter will be ready within the week, so our users on the west coast will soon be able to enjoy an ultra low latency experience.

  • Check out “My Uploads.” If what you want isn’t on Steam, just upload it.

We need your help!

The truth is we are shorthanded and making this happen requires some serious programming. We are completely transparent with our community members–the more people join the beta, the more we can justify hiring more developers, adding more servers and upgrading the ones we have. New members will be “pending” so don’t worry about them changing your experience.

Do I get anything for getting my friends to sign up?

Yes. First of all, you help the Sky grow which means you will have access to more badass hardware and a smoother experience. Second, you get Beta Points for every friend who signs up using your invite link (beta points can win you cool stuff).

Click here to find out more.

Thanks again, and welcome to the community!