Interesting Characters in the Diablo Immortal file structure

I have been browsing through thousands of file names — no datamining — and have found very interesting NPC names and other tidbits.

I will let you do the speculation after reading through these handpicked file names. It is obvious that some of these will be found in Hell from level 55-60 — which will be available in a upcoming test.

Others can make you rise an eyebrow. Will they appear in the “Caverns of Time”-like dungeons in the Zoltun Kulle Library zone?

Will some appear in the Burning Hells? Will we visit the High Heavens, or will some of these angels appear in Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal. It is difficult to tell from reading a file name — but oh boy… just the myriad of thoughts and possibilities does it for me.

Most prominent for me is Tyrael — who at this point in time, 5 years after the destruction of the Worldstone, he is floating as a disonant sound byte in incorporeal form trying to get himself glued back together.

Then there is… Jered Cain… ancestor of Deckard Cain. Jered was a Horadrim initiate who oversaw the capture of Diablo during The Binding of the Three.

It seems like we will have a new dungeon alongside Destruction’s End: Baal in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, with Jered Cain and Tyrael guiding us through the dungeon to imprison Diablo in the soulstone.


–for many decades the Horadrim continued their grim search for the third Brother, Diablo. They knew that if the Lord of Terror was left untamed there could never be any lasting peace within the realm of humanity.

The Horadrim followed in the wake of terror and anarchy that spread throughout the Western lands. After a great battle which claimed the lives of many brave souls, the Lord of Terror was captured and imprisoned within the last of the Soulstones by a group of Horadrim monks led by the Initiate Jered Cain. These monks carried the cursed stone to the land of Khanduras and buried it within a secluded cave near the river Talsande. Above this cave the Horadrim constructed a great Monastery from which they could continue to safeguard the Soulstone. As ages passed, the Horadrim constructed a network of catacombs beneath the Monastery to house the earthly remains of the martyrs of their Order.

In BlizzCon 2018, we were shown this Sanctuary timeline. You can see that the Horadrim was founded in 1004 to hunt the Prime Evils (who had scattered throughout Sanctuary after the Dark Exile).

Interesting Characters in the Diablo Immortal file structure







+—boss_nihlathak (I actually found this Diablo II boss in the Shadow Challenges — around Challenge 50)







Here is a zone we have never heard of before:


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