The Diablo Immortal (Android) folder contains encoded files, but the file names pretty much say what they are about. No need to datamine.

The Mon (Monster) folder contains the boss_cowking folder. This folder has dependencies to other files:

  • fb_temple
  • the SoundsBankInfo.xml file mentions the CowKing 143 times

The sounds file is located in \SoundBanks\Monster_D3\D3_Monster_P5\D3_Monster_X1_CowKing_Minion_P5

These might be borrowed assets, but only time will tell why the Cow King is buried in the Diablo Immortal file structure.

The “boss_butcher” also stands out. He is not currently in the Diablo Immortal closed alpha. However, closed alpha only contains the level 1-55 content.

The last quest in closed alpha leads us to the Ruins of Sescheron to face a barbarian renegade who wants his sister back from the death, and made a deal with Skarn, Herald of Terror. The quest ends with the opening of a portal leading to the Burning Hells. The portal is currently non-interactive, and obviously part of the level 55-60 content that might be available in the upcoming Necromancer test; or Beta.

So we still don’t have the full picture of what other bosses might show up in Diablo Immortal at launch.


The Necromancer files are buried in the Android file structure. These are the Necromancer abilities. Note that these files are in the closed alpha client, and things might have changed in the current developer-only internal test.

Again: These are not datamined. Anyone with patience can find them.

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