Diablo Immortal technical alpha ended in January 5, 2021. BlizzConline didn’t reveal the date Test #2 would take place, but we know for a fact there will be multiple rounds of test (as per the tech alpha blog Q&A)

… and because at BlizzConline the developer confirmed there are two upcoming Tests.


  • Test #2: Level cap increased from level 45 (tech alpha) now to level 60, 2-3 new zones, plus one (out of two) remaining classes: Necromancer or Crusader, and end-game content.
  • Test #3: The last remaining class: Necromancer or Crusader.
  • Full character wipe after each upcoming Test.
  • Elder Game Systems we haven’t heard of yet.
  • PvP Elder Game Systems we haven’t heard of yet.
  • Tech Alpha lasted 3 weeks. Upcoming tests are slated to last longer (each one).

Diablo Immortal Test #2 Speculation

Some Blizzard games and expansions in the past have transitioned from technical alpha to Beta within 76-100 days. If we apply that formula to Diablo Immortal (a mobile game) this is what we get:

  • Diablo Immortal tech alpha ended in January 5.
  • January 5 + 76 days = March 22, 2021 (err… that’s already gone)
  • January 5 + 81 days = Today, March 27, 2021 (not quite there yet)
  • January 5 + 100 days = April 15

Tech Alpha blog was posted on a Thursday (Dec 17), but some people got the invite Friday afternoon/evening. So that leaves us with a few potential targets: April 1-2; April 8-9; and April 15-16.

Of course, not an exact science. Mobile games are their own beast, and we shouldn’t necessarily compare PC and mobile development cycles.

Test #2 could happen any day in April or any day in May. But there is another factor to consider. Back in the Reddit Discord channel, I speculated that Diablo Immortal tech alpha could begin in December. I was quickly shutdown. How can it be possible for Blizzard to run a technical alpha in the middle of Christmas? Impossible. I was told.

My reasoning: Call of Duty: Mobile Alpha started in December 14, 2018.

Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha started in December 17-18 (but some content creators were secretly invited and joined in December 14).

Right there we see Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo Immortal sharing the same Alpha schedule. Close enough.

Well, Call of Duty: Mobile Beta started in India in May 14, 2019. I think you caught my drift here. That’s on the table. If Diablo Immortal followed on Call of Duty: Mobile’s footsteps for technical Alpha, it potentially might follow the same schedule for Diablo Immortal Beta around May 14, 2021.

I really hope for April, because the wait is consuming many of us who had the opportunity to play tech alpha, and moreso those who didn’t and desperately want to get their hands on the game.

Another thing I have been pondering is that curiously Blizzard Entertainment has not brought Diablo Immortal pre-registrations to iOS. According to the Apple’s App Store developer rules, the mobile game can’t be on the App Store more than 180 days (aka 6-months) in pre-registration status.

Therefore, if Diablo Immortal is slated to launch in 2021 (as revealed at the Activision Blizzard investors call), the latest month Diablo Immortal can be brought into iOS pre-registration is July 4 (if the release date was set to December 31).

However, if the release date was set for October 1 … following on the footsteps of Call of Duty: Mobile … then Diablo Immortal might be in the App Store approximately before or after April 4.

April 4 + 180 days = October 1.

Of course, Blizzard could just not follow the full 180 days, and just use half of it (90 days) or whatever they please. So it is not much of an accurate formula if Blizzard can bend the pre-registration days at will.

Another thing I wish to point out for those who want a release date announcement. Call of Duty: Mobile is an Activision game. Its release date (October 1) was announced 2 weeks before launch. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is a mobile game by King (part of Activision Blizzard). It’s release date was announced 3 weeks before launch.

So don’t be surprised if we hear the Diablo Immortal release date 2-3 weeks before launch. We have at least two more Tests in the pipeline, and “multiple rounds of test” could easily mimic Call of Duty: Mobile — which had 4 Beta tests and 2 Soft Launches for a total of 6 tests.

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