A few hours ago, I launched the Diablo Immortal app in iOS, as I frequently do, to check out if there are any changes. Usually, those who participated in the technical alpha could launch the app and see their characters. I can still do that in the Android version. This is exactly what the iOS version was saying from the moment technical alpha ended until today around noon.

However, something happened in the past few hours in iOS. Dredscythe sent me a message to inform me what he discovered. Now when I launch the Diablo Immortal app in iOS, it no longer launches the app at all. Instead I get this message: “Diablo Immortal Beta has expired.”

What?!! It doesn’t say “technical alpha.” It says “Beta.” The Android version is not saying this yet. So there is only a few common sense possibilities to explain what’s going on here:

  • Blizzard is messing around with TestFlight to launch Diablo Immortal Beta soon.
  • Or as RedOctober pointed out, it could mean that the Diablo Immortal client’s license to stay in TestFlight has expired, therefore the Testflight app automatically placed a default message “%n Beta has expired.” Or…
  • The Testflight client has been removed by Blizzard, and a pre-registration app will be introduced to the App Store soon.

If the latter, Apple gives developers up to 180 days to transition pre-registrations into a launched game. That would be great news if Diablo Immortal is launching in 6 months or less from the time the app enters the App Store.

We will have to continue monitoring any progress or any upcoming Diablo Immortal Blog by Wyatt Cheng. Follow @blizzplanetcom in Twitter for any updates.

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