The Google Play app in your mobile had added the In-app purchases text below the Diablo Immortal title several months ago.

The Google Play website you access from your PC/Mac internet browser, however, had not been updated all this past two years to include that text.

This was added yesterday, under Interactive Elements: “Users Interact, In-Game Purchases.”

As simple and worthless a change it might seem, it is still progress. Someone deemed it to be important to make this website update. (Thanks to RedOctober who informed me via Discord when his tracker app displayed the change in UK. My tracker also sent me an alert this morning that the USA version was updated).

Hopefully, that means Diablo Immortal Beta is closer. The Activision Blizzard Q3 Investors Call will take place this upcoming Thursday, October 29th at 1:30pm PST.

The past Q1 and Q2 investors call mentioned Diablo Immortal in passing to update us about testing being on track to start mid-2020. COVID-19 slowed things down after the company executed a work-from-home policy among its employees, but eventually the internal company-wide playtest began in August 24th.

On October 1, Blizzard Entertainment filed to trademark “Diablo Immortal” in USA, UK, Europe, China, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and México.

I argued recently that Call of Duty: Mobile Beta started a week after the trademark was filed; and Hearthstone Beta started a month and 9 days after the trademark was filed. So you better believe that Diablo Immortal Beta is getting closer.

Then we also have the precedent that Blizzard games and expansions Beta testing usually start between 76-90+ days after the Alpha launch — and that lands us between November 8 (Day 76) and November 22 (Day 90). So far today, October 24, we are at Day 61 since the company playtest began.

Either formula gives us hope that Beta testing is nigh.

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