Blizzard Entertainment just announced Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha (Android) begins today in Australia at 5pm Pacific Time. Content Creators will join in a separate server.

We will test the Crusader in this test. The Closed Alpha will stay live for several weeks to ensure players will be able to experience all content to the fullest with ample time to provide feedback.

So, what is coming in the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha?  Below is a brief description of what is in store but please check out the blog post for an in-depth overview of all the new content.

New endgame and PvP systems: 

  • The Cycle of Strife, faction-based endgame system – Players will fight as either Shadows or Immortals through various PvP and PvE activities in a continuous cycle to claim the throne as the ultimate defenders of Sanctuary.
  • Shadows – Shadows rally together in groups known as Dark Houses to challenge the Immortals in many ways such as raids against their precious Vault. Shadows must also complete Contracts to grow their houses and ultimately challenge Immortals in a PvP showdown through the Rite of Exile to try and take their place as the new defenders of Sanctuary.
  • Immortals – Immortals are the elite defenders against the Burning Hells, designated as the best of the best. They must fight to grow their dominance and defend against the Shadows to remain on top. One player will earn the right to lead the Immortals and can nominate up to four Lieutenants to bestow powerful Crowns to, which will grow in power and provide buffs to them and their allies in battle. 
  • The Battleground, 8v8 PvP team battle – Players can participate in an epic 8v8 team fight within the Battleground. Two groups will form between attackers and defenders as they fight for dominance on the battlefield. 
  • New end-game feature, Helliquary – The Helliquary allows players to locate and challenge powerful demon bosses. Once defeated, players can trap them and claim awesome rewards.
  • Essence Transfer system added – Players can extract Essences from Legendary items they have obtained and transfer them to other Legendary items in their collection to customize and craft the perfect item.

Expanded content:

  • New class, the Crusader, now playable – The Crusader is a mid-range hybrid caster/melee fighter who wields powerful weapons, heavy armor, and righteous holy magic. They will be playable alongside the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard (Necromancer to come in a future testing phase)
  • Level cap raised from 45 to 55 – Players will be able to progress up to level 55 and will have access to a new paragon tree at max level. 
  • Two new zones to explore – Defend Mount Zavain from the Khazra goatmen as they threaten the homeland of the monks. Scour the Frozen Tundra, a snowy wasteland where the remaining armies of Baal still linger after the Lord of Destruction’s downfall.
  • New dungeon added – The Cavern of Echoes located deep in the Frozen Tundra is where players will hunt down the mysterious Iceburn Tear relic.

Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha – PRESS RELEASE

Diablo Immortal features all the depth, intensity, and unbridled mayhem of the genre-defining action role-playing game franchise in a persistent, massively multiplayer online mobile game you can play anytime, and anywhere. The Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha raises the level cap to 55 and offers testers an early look at endgame systems, new zones, a new dungeon, the Crusader class, the Cycle of Strife, and much more.



The Crusader is a mid-range hybrid caster/melee class clad that enters the fray clad in impenetrable armor and wielding a vicious flail and holy magic.


Mount Zavain lies deep in the heart of the Tamoe mountains, where players will face the Khazra, aka “Goatmen,” who threaten the monks of the Sanctified Earth Monastery. Players will also trek through the snowy wastelands of the Frozen Tundra around Mount Arreat, where the remaining armies of Baal, Lord of Destruction, threaten the scattered barbarian tribes.


The Cavern of Echoes has been discovered in the Frozen Tundra, where players can hunt for a relic of a long-forgotten age, the Iceburn Tear.


Players will rank up this device with acquired Scoria, which Charsi the Blacksmith will refine into Hellfire Scoria. Players can use the Helliquary to locate, challenge, and then trap powerful boss demons.


Through Zamina, who players can find in Westmarch, players can extract Essences from their Legendary items so other Legendary items can Inherit their properties. This system empowers players to increase the Rank and perfect attributes of their Legendary items and customize the items they’ve collected.


All players start out as Adventurers—heroes who gain notoriety and fortune for vanquishing evil and protecting the people of Sanctuary from danger.

Then there are those embroiled in the Cycle of Strife—a never-ending struggle for dominance among Sanctuary’s mightiest heroes. At the top of the pecking order are the Immortals, an elite group sworn to defend Sanctuary against the Burning Hells. It falls upon the Shadows, who rally together in groups known as Dark Houses, to make sure the Immortals never grow complacent. Shadows challenge the readiness of the Immortals in many ways, including raiding their Vault and completing Contracts that attempt to weaken them. When strong enough, the top Dark Houses can attempt to overthrow the sitting Immortals. Should they succeed, new Immortals replace the old and a new Cycle begins.


Adventurers, Shadows, and Immortals can all participate in the Battleground, an 8v8 PvP battle between attacking and defending teams. Attackers will need to slay Guardians and escort Zealous Idols to destroy the Ancient Heart—the source of the defenders’ power—while defenders seek to prevent that from happening, either by holding them back long enough for time to expire or eliminating enough attackers to repel their assault.



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