The official Diablo Immortal (CN) website announced alpha testing will begin on July 15 at 10am. Those who pre-registered in the Chinese website will be invited by email to participate via Android or iOS (TestFlight). At the end of the test, all characters and data will be deleted.

The USA Diablo Immortal Twitter account also posted a new tweet with a video reel showcasing gameplay of all closed alpha classes, but ends with a very reassuring message: “The Battle is far from Over. Hell will Return.”

For those who did not participate in the April 21 – June 30 closed alpha, the test only included level 1-55 content, and added the Crusader class. The next test (which has no start date at the time of this article) will include level 1-60 content and add the Necromancer. Make sure to pre-register in Google Play. iOS users should pre-register at the official website to get an email invitation with a code to redeem via the TestFlight app. Go to the App Store to install the TestFlight app if you get invited.

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