After the Diablo III patch 5, I launched the game to see any new changes shown in the patch notes, and others that might have been left out of the patch notes.

So far I noticed there is now a Screenshots folder. For Windows Vista users, the screenshots folder is located at C:UsersWHATEVERDocumentsDiablo IIIScreenshots

As a Wizard you start ACT 1 with only one spell: Magic Missile, using your Apprentice Wand weapon. There’s a lot of Tutorial messages. You can either keep them toggled to learn as you go, or you can click the menu button, then the Gameplay button, and uncheck Tutorials.

First thing after arriving to New Tristram, I saw the Nephalem Altar is located between the Stash and Cain’s House.

Once players finish the quest from Leah inside the Slaughtered Calf Inn — the zombie attack inside the Inn — you reach level 2 and gain a couple of new spells.

For the Wizard, I acquired Frost Nova and Ice Armor. Now I could check out the function of the Nephalem Altar. Throughout Diablo III Patch 1-4, we were able to swap our spells on the fly via the Skills window. Now in Patch 5, when you gain a level, you can interact with the Skills Window and you must choose which spell you will keep. Once the spell has been chosen, the spell becomes permanent, and you are no longer able to access the Spell Actives book on your end.

To reset your spells, you have to go to New Tristram or other locations throughout ACT 1, and click the Nephalem Altar — as described in Patch 5 Notes.

Doesn’t mean the only place to be able to change your skills is only going to New Tristram. Entering the Tristram Cathedral I noticed another Nephalem Altar right after I leveled up and gained new spells. That came handy as I didn’t have to go back to New Tristram via the Waypoint.

Not sure if this was present before patch 5, but I used Wave of Force to destroy several objects, and a message was displayed onscreen saying I destroyed 11 objects, and got a 15 XP bonus for the Destruction record.

After killing Jondar, and the Templar gives you the option to stay with you as a Follower, you no longer see two templars. This was fixed.

Bookshelves drop less Tomes of Training than usual, and spawn items several yards in front. Blizzard fixed the bug that made items spawn above the bookshelf — issue that made you go upstairs to be able to loot them.

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