Blizzard Entertainment is getting near the one million Likes goal at the Diablo III Facebook page. As a reward to the community for reaching 900,000 Likes, Blizzard has released three images.

The concept art was seen at BlizzCon 2010. Note: Hold down the right-button and select “Open Link in New Tab”.

The following screenshot shows the female Demon Hunter casting Fan of Knives at a group of Cultists. To the upper-left, a Berserker holding a big maul weapon approaches the Demon Hunter. A Berserker can be seen during the BlizzCon 2010: Demon Hunter Cinematic. In the lower-right, two Dark Demons approach the Demon Hunter. These are tailed quadrupedal demons with a skeletal torso. Both, the Berserkers and the Dark Demons are summoned by Dark Cultists. Sometimes players can see the Dark Cultists channeling a reddish spell toward the ground from where the Dark Demons dig up their way out.

The third screenshot features the female Wizard. No action or fight against enemies is discerned from this screenshot, except for a couple corpses and a splashing of blood. Thus, the spotlight of this screenshot seems to be the chest with the golden glow at the upper-left corner. What treasures do these chests keep? Are they rare? Can epic and legendary items lie within? Only the most adventurous explorers might find these and be rewarded.

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