Well, today is the day. A few days ago, Eldorian posted a very interesting article that reveals from past history that Blizzard announces official release dates via press release mostly on a Monday.

Coincidentally, and out of sync, Battle.net maintenance was done today Monday, and an extended Maintenance notice was issued out (source: BlizzardCS twitter) — reminiscent of those chaotic BlizzCon ticket sales? Hmm … (i.e. activating Blizzard Store’s digital Diablo III pre-orders?)

Considering the Mists of Pandaria press event’s NDA lifts next Monday taking the spotlight in the press worldwide, today might be an attractive timing to make the big announcement.

I have no idea, how anyone could ever believe Eldorian’s prediction. It goes beyond all logic. I, like you, am very skeptic. I don’t believe.

It’s merely a wild and educated guess, not a fact. Time will tell — and there’s not exactly many hours away from finding out.

If Eldorian’s prediction fails he will embrace a pink pony avatar for an entire month.

Now if nobody minds, I will get my fingertips swollen up hitting ctrl + F5 on Blizzard.com and Diablo3.com