Wyatt: So we have the shared outdoor zones, but sometimes you want a more intimate experience. So we also have the Instance Dungeons. These are 4-player experiences for you and some close friends. Let’s have a look at these starting at the Kikuras Rapids.


Matthew: The Kikuras Rapids, deep within the Bilefen, this river sneaks its way through a jungle brimming with monstrosities. From bug lurkers, to the aforementioned horrible little fetish creatures that I really, really hate and don’t ever want to play against ever again. Ever!


Wyatt: You mean these guys here?


Matthew: Yeah, I don’t want to–

Wyatt: These guys I think are the best. They remind me of playing Diablo II, and making my way through the jungles outside Kurast.

Kris: No, fetishes really are the worst.

Matthew: Yeah! They’re the worst. And you know what would make this even worse? More fetishes. Okay? Put a pin in that.


But what is even worse is standing on a rickety piece of wood going down a river towards a certain horrific watery grave while these tiny little demons are trying to fill you with their darts, or gently donate their swords to you, pointy end first.


Wyatt: How kind of them.

Kris: How kind of them.

Kris: Alright, alright, how about something more pleasant? Something quieter, maybe a tomb. Tombs are nice. No fetishes, no rapids.

Wyatt: No rapids.


Matthew: The Tomb of Fahir. Its skeletons. Its spiders. Its treasure room (not a treasure chest. A measly little treasure chest)… a treasure room, a room brimming with golden glowing treasure chest filled with loot. A room defended by mummies, maybe on fire; but that’s not going to stop adventurers such as yourselves. Mummy’s on fire, no panic.


But I get it, sometimes we want simpler things in Diablo. Quieter things. Diablo-quiet. A Dark Tower perhaps? Some cultists, a few reli–


Wyatt: And I know where you’re going.

Matthew: Yeah.

Wyatt: We are also going to the Forgotten Tower. Many of you will remember the Forgotten Tower from Diablo II. Except in Diablo II, you slayed the Countess; and yet, activity still brews here. And Diablo Immortal will be our opportunity to go back and see what has gone awry.


Matthew: You know, in the next panel we’ll talk about the Countess.

Wyatt: You will have a sneak peek of what the Countess has been up to in the Forgotten Tower. So we’ve talked about the shared public zones, and here we have Instance Dungeons that are set aside for you and your party. It gives us a chance to do different things. In the outdoor world, the monsters respawn after a period of time, but in the Instance Dungeons, the monsters stay dead.


Matthew: This allows us to create a custom experience designed for former players with tougher monsters and bosses with fight mechanics designed to challenge you.



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