Blizzard Entertainment is now gathering questions to ask the Artists of every discipline for the Blizzcon Artists panel’s live Q&A.

At this year’s BlizzCon we have a stage dedicated to featuring Blizzard artists of all disciplines and styles, from Glenn Rane (Digital Painting, Creative Development) to Samwise Didier (Traditional Drawing, StarCraft II). Whether you’re attending the event or watching from home, we’re giving you an opportunity on the forums to ask a question of the artists. All you have to do is list the discipline and/or category below which best fits your art-related question and ask away here:

If selected, your inquiry will be read and answered live from the Artist Stage at BlizzCon!


Digital Painting

Traditional Drawing

Traditional Painting

Zbrush Sculpting

3DMAX Sculpting


Character/Enemy Concepts

Character Modeling/Textures

Cinematic Matte Painting

Cinematic Modeling/Textures

Environment Concepts

Environment Modeling/Textures

Publishing Art (Book/Magazine Covers)

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Art