Blizzard Entertainment celebrated the success of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria expansion in style creating their own version of Octoberfest — err, Brewfest.

Developers and employees joined together on the campus outdoors to drink champagne and literally get rained and splashed by it. Several photos made their way into Twitter to share with everyone their great time and pride to work at Blizzard Entertainment. No goblins, dwarves, rams, not even iron dwarves were harmed during this celebration. A [Community Manager of the Year] floating skull got his fire kinda too drenched, though. teehee!

Vaeflare: My other half took an eagle-eye video of the #Blizzard #MoP champagne toast from earlier. I love the screams of joy. 😉 – source

Nick Carpenter @FubarNick: Congratulations Blizzard/MoP!!! Champagne-soaked celebration. Lol… I need a shower now 😉 @Warcraft @Blizzplanet – source

@TheLyns: Congrats to everyone for all your hard work on Mists of Pandaria!! Now let’s get douced in champagne!! #warcraft

@Bashiok: I think we’re ready.

@Vaeflare: The calm before the #Blizzard champagne storm… A bunch of people I know started working at #Blizzard during #MoP and this is their first toast. I am so proud of everyone’s hard work. 🙂 #MoP

The developers reached alerted each other via Twitter to get a second set of clothes, knowing in advance how ugly things would get once the celebration officially started:

I think this large setup of champagne bottles might easily break a few Guinness records. Well, maybe … almost.

Medievaldragon: This one definitely deserves one of those The Daily Blink comics:

@CM_Zarhym: So @Daxxarri came from behind like a rogue, spraying champagne under my shades into my eye. That’s how young adults imbibe these days right? – source

Michael Chu: Congrats to everyone on the #Pandaria team! You guys rocked it. – source

@CM_Zarhym: @Bashiok But @mumper’s been waiting two years to take a champagne shower. Shouldn’t the world be yearning for pictures? (I’ll take them.)

@Olandgren: So incredibly happy we could deliver a world that our players could love and explore. – source

@Bashiok: Grats to the team on the awesome Mists of #Pandaria launch! #champagneissticky @mumper @Ghostcrawler @DaveKosak – source

@CM_Zarhym: Tom Chilton, @Ghostcrawler @mumper @DaveKosak & crew take a champagne shower. So honored to work with them! – source

@Veaflare: Whenever we celebrate the launch of a new title, we have a toast and raise a flag. Here’s #Diablo and #MoP. #BlizzFacts – source

Steve Parker ‏@retailsails: Congrats to the Mists of Pandaria team on their champagne toast over at Blizz! #cheers – source

@Vaeflare: So many drenched #Blizzard employees everywhere… And loud music, smiles, and laughter. 🙂 I love this company.

Cory Stockton @Mumper: We are getting close! Almost time to celebrate! – source