Diablo Community Development Manager PezRadar sent out a tweet tonight aimed at Twitch/YouTube content creators interested in Diablo — requesting them to reach out to him with their contact info and channel.

Diablo II: Resurrected technical alpha just ended, and there is no date for the Diablo II: Resurrected Multiplayer test for which everyone can signup separately from the recent test. He could have clearly mentioned this request was for Diablo II: Resurrected Test #2, but he didn’t.

Therefore, there is only one viable reason for this tweet. Diablo Immortal test #2 is nigh.

PezRadar requested content creators to reach out to him back in May 20, 2020, and Filthierich again in July 21. But PezRadar also asked for Content Creators the day before Diablo Immortal tech alpha started.

So it is still possible that Diablo Immortal Test #2 might be nigh. Keep your hopes up, and let’s be alert for announcements.

UPDATE (April 19 – 7:27pm EST)

The Diablo Immortal Android client was updated today for the second time in the last 3 days.

[FrC] R4 Ecari Desmin shared in the Reddit/r/DiabloImmortal Discord channel something I overlooked. Those of us who installed the technical alpha in December 18, 2020 can still launch the app, and as of January 5 the error message when you attempted to login into the servers looked like this:

You can read in the image above that it says “Technical Alpha.” However, after today’s update, that message reads different. Now it refers to it as Closed Alpha — which means we are getting closer to Test #2, and it is still considered Alpha.

We know that Test #2 will add level 1-60 content, at least one of the last two remaining classes (Crusader or Necromancer), and Elder Systems (end-game content). If that is considered Closed Alpha, then when the last remaining Class is added in Test #3… will it be still closed alpha, or will it transition to Closed Beta? If not, does it mean more Tests await us before release? Test #4? Test #5?

Call of Duty: Mobile had at least 4 Closed Beta tests, and two Soft Launches. We are quickly approaching the anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile Beta which started in May 16, 2019.

Diablo Immortal unofficially started Technical Alpha in December 14, 2020 (where a few content creators were invited ahead of the broader wave of invitations held in December 18).

What is relevant about December 14 is that this was exactly the same date that Call of Duty: Mobile Alpha began in Australia. It still remains at large whether Diablo Immortal will follow on the same footsteps or whether Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha will begin before May 16.

Personally, I don’t care about sticking to the CoD:M anniversary. Me wants Diablo Immortal closed alpha now.

UPDATE (April 20 – 11:16am EST)

The character list had been present in the Diablo Immortal client after the tech alpha ended until today. The character list has been wiped.

This is how the client looked like from January 5 until April 19.

This is how the client looks like today. The character list was removed. This is possibly a sign that Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha is going to start in the next few days.

UPDATE (Apr 20 – 4pm EST)

The @DiabloImmortal account tweeted a reply that leaves little to the imagination. It is coming soon (no TM).

Thanks, XY & ScamperNZ

UPDATE (Apr 21 – 4:05pm)

This one might not be related, but what a slip. Wyatt Cheng won’t be able to do his usual off-work game jams because he will be busy this weekend. Remember when Diablo Immortal tech alpha started? December 18. A Friday.

Thanks, Majorpain

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